Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s Maxibufen Syrup, ranking first in pediatric prescriptions for the eighth consecutive year


Hanmi Pharmaceutical (CEO & President Woo Jong-Soo and Co-President & Co-CEO Kwon Se-Chang) recently announced that its Maxibufen Syrup, an antipyretic drug for children, ranked first (UBIST) in pediatric prescriptions for the eighth consecutive year (2013~2020).

Maxibufen Syrup is an antipyretic & analgesic agent containing only the pure active ingredient, Dexibuprofen, an active isomer of ibuprofen. Dexibuprofen showed an equivalent effect at a lower dose than ibuprofen, and reduced side effects caused by inactive ingredients.

In particular, although Maxibufen Syrup is an over-the-counter drug, it has proven its efficacy and safety through Phase III clinical trials in 250 infants and toddlers.

“Maxibufen Syrup is a product that has been proven to be effective and safe enough to be kept at homes with children. Maxibufen Syrup in bottles will be useful to keep at home in case of an emergency or going out” the company said.

Maxibufen Syrup is distributed to pharmacies nationwide through Online Pharm Co., Ltd. (an affiliate of Hanmi Science, CEO Woo Ki-Seok), a pharmaceutical sales and marketing company.

Source: Whosaeng