• COREE is led by Mr. Chong-yoon Lim, the President of Hanmi Science
  • 50 Years of History of Tradition & Innovation
  • Coree group is structured with 18 subsidiaries in China (as well as Hong Kong), US, Italy, and Korea


  • New Drug & New nutrition Product Development
  • R&D centers:Korea,China,Italy,USA


  • COREE Group has actively secured patents and intellectual rights in its business areas.
  • 66 Patent applications/registtrations worldwide.


  • Digital Therapeutics(DTx)
  • Cooperation with Global Leading Hospital

Real Estate

  • Green Bio Plant Complex at Pohang
  • 50 Years of History of Tradition & Innovation
  • New Expanded Best-fit CMO/CDMO facility in Korea


  1. 1

    CRO : Preclinical/Clinical Trial Management

    Medical advances have helped shape the modern world, increasing lifespans and preventing the spread of life-threatening diseases.

  2. 2

    Premium Wellbeing Care Service

    B2C services to provide fully personalized exercise, nutrition, medical advice, psychological counseling through online & offline channel

  3. 3

    IT Services

    CDSS / SCSS / Multi-info Monitoring

  4. 4

    Sales & Marketing Management Services

    We are one of large specialized contract sales organizations(CSOs),providing comprehensive marketing, promotion, channel management services and distribution of branded pharmaceutical and healthcare products in China.

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    & Economy

  • $ 377 mil.

    Business in China : 22Y’s Sales

  • $ 16 mil.

    Business in HK : 22Y’s Sales

  • $ 16 mil.

    Business in Overseas : 22Y’s Sales

Annual sales by region

Historical sales growth