Hanmi Pharmaceutical achieved the digitalization of logistics channels through Online Farm and Cloud Solution


The industry sees that Hanmi Pharmaceutical successfully achieved the digitalization of logistics channels through Cloud Computing Solution and RFID Based Supply Chain Management.

This case was introduced in the report, “D.A.T.A.: Manufacturing Industry Digital Transformation Strategy Using Cloud (Chief Researcher Lee Jun-Myung at New Growth Lab)” recently released by Institute for International Trade, Korea International Trade Association.

The report summarized the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry using cloud solutions with the keyword, “DATA”. It is a strategy to △ develop data governance, △augment intelligence in manufacturing, △transform channels for reaching customers), and △analyze customer experiences.

D.A.T.A.: Manufacturing Industry Digital Transformation Strategy Using Cloud

In the case of sales and logistics channels among them, digitization and oligopolization of platforms by specialized companies (Naver, CJ Logistics, etc.) have already progressed to a considerable degree, and many manufacturing companies are using specialized platforms rather than directly establishing and operating channels.

However, the report stated that if a company pursues more personalized customer experience management or seeks additional logistics efficiency according to product specificity, it should consider establishing its own channel and digitalization.

The report also stated that cloud-based digitization of channels enables rapid establishment of a channel with excellent scalability, making it easy to effectively improve the value chain structure or create new customer value. The D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) strategy that vertically integrates the sales and distribution stages is advantageous for realizing high repurchase rate by reducing distribution fees and personalized customer management. Logistics data management using digital technology streamlines supply chain management and provides new value to customers.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group introduced its D2S through operations of Online Farm and a drug distribution management solution through the development of KEIDAS+RFID as an example.

According to the report, in a situation where the majority of domestic pharmaceutical companies do not directly supply their pharmaceutical products to hospitals, clinics or pharmacies, but sell them on consignment through specialized distributors and wholesalers at a certain percentage of commission. In this situation, Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group has reduced distribution fees by operating the B2B e-commerce, Online Farm, which directly sells its pharmaceuticals online to pharmacists and doctors.

It is judged that the value chain structure was effectively improved by vertically integrating the sales and distribution stages while digitizing offline sales channels to online and mobile channels.

Online Farm aims to provide a comprehensive medical platform rather than a simple sales channel by providing not only OTC and prescription drugs, but also quasi-drugs, medical devices, and automated drug dispensing machines for pharmacies and hospitals.

An example of a cloud-based drug distribution management solution is “KEIDAS+RFID”, developed by Hanmi Healthcare by combining RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and Cloud.

The drug distribution management solution is being used for Pharmaceutical manufacturing, inventory management from storage to shipping, temperature and humidity information management, expiration date management, and prevention of illegal drug distribution.

Moreover, the report of the fact that by expanding the business area based on the speed and scalability of the cloud, solutions are sold not only to pharmaceutical companies, but also to various industries such as sporting goods, businesses, public institutions (such as the Office of Education and Public Procurement Service), and pet products.

Source: Medical Newspaper