Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Roman Catholic Medical University Hospital

Acquired clinical license for digital treatment research for diabetic obese patients for pregnant women
Start recruiting clinical patients

Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Acquired clinical approval for a model study on predicting the complex occurrence of gestational diabetes (GDM)
Start recruiting clinical patients


Clinical design of digital therapeutic research combined with chemotherapy An exploratory clinical trial for the “prognosis management program for gastric cancer patients” with Seoul National University Hospital.

Green Bio


Green bio production-based animal vaccine development
Product approval of ‘HERBAVAC CSF Green Marker ', a vaccine product for preventing swine fever using plant-derived protein ingredients

Virus Vector

Sichuan (四川) University

Development of protein vaccine delivery system and nasal/oral drug delivery experiments of currently owned green bio vaccine materials
A number of vaccine application projects based on Virus Vector

Online Platform

Life Ofmom

Hospital-linked pregnancy management program Good Design Award,
Preparing to launch with the goal of 10 million members in China through the online platform