Hanmi Pharm’s Rosuzet Expected to Shatter the KRW 100 B Annual Sales Mark


KRW 53.4 B worth sold as outside-the-hospital prescriptions in 2021 1H Sales expected to reach more than 10 times that of a “blockbuster” drug

Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s Rosuzet, a medication for dyslipidemia, is expected to shatter the KRW 100 billion annual sales mark for the first time this year. It will be the second product family from the pharmaceutical company, following Amozaltan for hypertension, to achieve this feat.

Rosuzet recorded KRW 53.4 billion in sales in the outpatient prescription market in the first half of 2021, according to UBIST, a pharmaceutical market survey agency. The company aimed to hit the KRW 100-billion-mark last year, but the actual sales fell short of the initial target and reached KRW 99.1 billion.

The dyslipidemia medication is expected to reach the target this year, and this is quite meaningful, considering that a prescription drug selling more than KRW 10 billion annually is classified as a “blockbuster” drug in Korea. Another noteworthy matter is that unlike the Amozaltan family, which consists of fixed-dose combinations such as Amozaltan, Amozaltan Q, and Amozaltan XQ, the record will be set by Rosuzet alone.

Rosuzet has been recording the highest sales among individual fixed-dose combination drugs developed by domestic pharmaceutical companies since its launch in 2015.

Last year, three product families recorded more than KRW 100 billion in sales: Amozaltan from Hanmi Pharm, Zemiglo for diabetes from LG Chem, and Kanarb from Boryung Pharm. But Rosuzet is expected to be the first to reach the KRW 100-billion-market as an individual drug product.

Hanmi Pharm, which will soon likely have two blockbuster drugs under its belt, posted KRW 327.9 billion in outpatient prescription drug sales in the first half of 2021, maintaining its No. 1 spot in the market for four years straight.

Source: New Daily Biz