Business Area

Business Area


CRO(Contract Research Organization)

Operating an authorative global medical science network with Gemelli Hospital in Italy, Oxford Medical in England, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Wuhan Union Hospital, Sichuan University Pharmacy Academy, and HERINGS Korea

CSO(Contract Sales Organization)

Providing a variety of healthcare products and services such as medicines and health functional foods

CMO(Contract Manufacturing Organization)

One-stop solution from biopharmaceutical consignment production to development and experimentation

Life Care Service

Developing technology to run a diagnosis, test disease, and find the optimal treatment method for patients

Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Digital therapeutics based on third generation software and medical devices that prevent, treat, and manage diseases based on clinical scientific evidence

R&D Center

Running R&D healthcare centers in Italy, China and the United States to develop new drugs for anticancer, immune, diabetes and metabolic diseases.