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Great Journey,
Great Companion

Founded in Hong Kong in July 2007, COREE is a fully integrated bio platform company that provides precision medical solutions and developes technologies that can be applied to various bio industries such as medicine, new drugs, microbiome, synthetic biology, and digital therapy based on bio-big data.

Leveraging the R&D experience and know-how accumulated over the past decades, we are leading innovation by developing next-generation services that meet a variety of personalized treatments and combination therapies.

To grow as a global bio company with technologies and know-how accumulated over the years, we have built the highest level of capability and organizational structure.

For the healthy life of the people, COREE is building a global network around the world and leading the next-generation healthcare innovation

When Chairman Lim Sung-ki first visited China in the 1980s, he discovered that pediatric intestinal drugs had not been developed in the Chinese pharmaceutical market. Thus, through long years of research and development, he launched Mamiai, a representative intestinal medicine brand for children in China today, and Mamiai has been the undisputed No.1 brand in Chinese pediatric intestinal drug market for decades. It has been also selected as the best brand for the 'Health of Mom & Baby' by various media platforms.

In addition, through the close collaboration with infant care hospitals and professional medical staffs connecting Europe, America and Asia for decades, in 2009, COREE launched excellent services and products for babies and mothers in various countries including Italy, China and Korea. The launch of liquid formula, including the Ofmom series, has served as an opportunity for COREE to take its first step towards the world.

Our history of providing consumers with the best services continues.

In cooperation with excellent global networks around the world, we have conducted joint research for product development, and gathered the valuable expert ideas and knowledge from each region in Europe, America and Asia to create the most original yet pure and innovative brand. It can be said that the creation of such an innovative brand stemmed from the passion and the continuous research of ‘Centre Ofmom’.


Future is shaped by innovation, but innovation is inspired by history.
Coree is a global leader in property investment, infant care service, pharmaceuticals and research and technology.


18/F, Fu Fai Commercial Centre, 27 Hillier Street,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong China