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Digital Medi’Care

Digital Medi' Care RMK implemented China's first global PDA mobile distribution management system in 2006, and built the world's first Item Level Tracking integrated solution in 2009 by introducing RFID technology into production, logistics, and distribution processes. Based on this, RMK leading u-SCM through interindustrial connectivity and expansion.
Currently, RMK is working on digitalization of medical doctors, mothers and children's health care by integrating medical and medical resources with GSP's certification.

Innovation Lab

Innovative Value Creation with Technology


    AI-based CDSS that provides omni-based prescription based on patient's diagnosis and examination data.
  • PDA Mobile Distribution Management

  • Build up SCM Integration Solutions

  • RFID-based medication distribution management

  • Smart Healthcare

  • HIS Advanced Medical Information System


  • RPA