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Start and end time: 2019-09-01 to 2020-06-30

I、 Research tasks and objectives

People's pursuit of healthy living has increased the demand for nutrition and health. Healthy life depends on three major support: reasonable nutrition intake, proper regular exercise, and healthy psychological status.Nutritional health management is influenced by many factors such as individual, age, gender, physical condition, medical history, living habits and environmental conditions.Different people need different nutritional diet management programs to deal with the same health problem, personalized needs are fundamentally more in line with the concept of nutrition theory, while products of prevention and treatment with specific diseases as the core are becoming new intervention model to be promoted in society .

Pregnant women, newborns and children are a social health symbol and an important part of social productivity and overall national strength.Paying attention to nutrition and health in the early stages of life is a major livelihood issue and an important socio-economic issue.Although there are a series of effective maternal and child nutrition improvement interventions in China, the actual nutrition management support in providing health services is often insufficient, and there are also lack of corresponding evaluation indicators, technical service standards, norms and professional and technical personnel.

In October 2018, the first phase of the “Perfect Pregnant Mother Training Camp” exploration project provided a practical basis for this study. In this study, we will undertake a centralized, group-based health management model combine with nutrition, exercise, psychology, and on-line health management, in which the core value lies in providing more professional and personalized nutrition intervention programs and products through exploration of health management models and the interpretation of multidimensional data , and exploring the importance of incorporating adult chronic disease prevention and control into the early life health management system.