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Perfect pregnancy camp report


一、the perfect pregnant mother training camp project introduction Project time:

Phase one: October 3-7, 2018

phase two: October 11-15, 2018

Five groups of families were invited to participate in two sessions of the five-day camp, which included accommodation, three meals a day (plus meals), customized courses .

1.Team introduction

the project team is composed of multi-disciplinary medical staff of Peking union medical college hospital, Seven Tian Zhen team(七田真团队) of being yoga and fetal education teacher during pregnancy , and Nie Qiaole team (聂巧乐团队)of music childbirth course. Professor Ma Liangkun is the project leader.

1) Peking union medical college hospital team: responsible for project planning, operation, data collection, data analysis, professional course design, teaching and other contents.

2) Seven Tian Zhen team: responsible for teaching yoga and fetal education during pregnancy.

3) Nie Qiaole team: responsible for the teaching of music childbirth course.