Ofmom leads the new
cultural trend of feeding by releasing
infant formula liquid milk


Recently, the family of Ofmom, intestinal health brand trusted by the majority of moms in China, has added a new member. On the occasion of the 618 shopping spree, Ofmom firstly released new products in 2017 exclusively through Tmall – infant formula liquid milk produced by and imported from Italy, trying to bring Chinese babieswith more excellent quality nutritious food, so that more Chinese momscan understand the world's leading culture and concept of feeding.

The majority of domestic consumers are not familiar with liquid milk-based formula. In fact, the liquid milk-based formula is the world's most high-end technology product in terms of infant formula, which has been internationally recognized as the one of the most high-end and advanced infant food. It's a popular way of feeding in Europe and the United States, which has been deeply loved by moms in Europe and the United States due to more natural nutrition, stable concentration, balanced nutrition, easy to carryand other characteristics. At present, there are a few moms in China affected by the European and American culture purchase liquid milk-based formula through procurement service. However, it's not very inconvenient due to a long timeof logistics. Now,moms candirectly buy it at the flagship store of Ofmom in Tmall, which has greatly enhanced consumers' purchase experience.

Italian premium liquid milk

Compared with the ordinary powdered milk, the liquid milk-based formula is made with fresh milk once and for all without the process of baking and drying and conversion of physical state twice, which can maximize the preservation of nutrients to prevent loss of nutrients. Moreover, various nutrients in the liquid milk-based formula are also strictly distributed according to the proportion, and there is no need to prepare to avoid internal heat and constipation due to preparing too thick powdered milk or malnutrition and other problems due to preparing too light powdered milk.

In addition, the liquid milk-based formula is produced in a completely sterile state, premature babies can eat even if the immune function is not perfect and intestinal flora has not yet been established, which is a very safe and healthy choice. At the same time, the independent packaging of the liquid milk-based formula makes it more convenient to carry, and the formula can be drunk anytime and anywhere because of instant drink.

It is worth mentioning that, Ofmom liquid milk-based formula has developed Nutri-balance nutrition balanced formulabased on the in-depth research on ingredients of breast milk by the Italian Maternal and Child Research Center of Ofmom and relying on the rich professional experience accumulated by Ofmom in the field of intestinal health, which can comprehensively supplement nutritional needsat all stages of the growth and development of babies.

In terms of the source of milk, Ofmom cooperates with Granarolo, NO.1 dairy product group in Italy. The liquid milk-based formula uses the high quality fresh milk as the material and acquires high quality milk from top 2% of 1000 ranches through strict selection. Ranches are only 3.5 hours' drive from the factory, and production of products within 48 hours is realized to ensure that the freshest products can be delivered to the hands of consumers. In terms of production process, the liquid milk-based formula of Ofmom uses DSI high temperature instantaneous sterilization to maximum the retention of natural nutritionwithout any additives or preservatives.

In contrast to the powdered milk, the liquid milk-based formula does not need to be prepared with stable concentration and balanced nutrition. Besides, it's convenient to carry outdoors due to the independent packaging of the amount per meal, which can meet the nutritional needs of babies anytime and anywhere.

Ofmom has always putchildren's health and product safety on top priority. Products of Ofmom include "Care", "Wise" and "Health" series of infant formula, since the active probiotic powdered milk companion of Ofmom was on the market in 2014, it has been deeply loved by the majority of moms.

At this time, the liquid milk-based formula of Ofmom entering into the Chinese market will bring brand new concept of feeding and upgrading of growth to moms and babies in China.