MAMIAI Won the Top 10 Brand Construction Awards of the 10th "Healthy China 2030 Brand Plan"


On January 19, 2018, the 10th Healthy China Awards of "Healthy China 2030 Brand Plan" was held in Beijing, which was jointly organized by Health News Office, and Healthy China Index Academy, guided by National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China, and specially directed by China Committee of Corporate Citizenship of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and China Association for Promotion of Private Sci-Tech Enterprises of the Ministry of Science and Technology, laying the foundation for the successful convening of this activity, amongst which MAMIAI won the Annual Brand Award. Under the joint cooperation of the organizers and guiding units, all sectors of the society paid extensive attraction to "Healthy China 2030 Brand Plan and Healthy China Awards" upon its release and extended their contributions to the winning brands.

It is reported that the 10th Healthy China Awards, the core evaluation activity of "Healthy China 2030 Brand Plan", was scrutinized by the scrutinizing institution of KPMG, one of four domestic public accounting firms, in the whole course, went through the procedures of proposal through big data, negative screening and network-wide publicity of public opinions, preliminary appraisal by experts and judges, brand re-evaluation and defense as well as final appraisal by experts and judges, then publicized to the public, and generated the final winning lists.

The precondition to win the Top 10 Annual Brand Construction Award is that there should be no less than 64 prescription drug bills and 334 OTC drug bills under the quantitative analysis of big data research samples. MAMIAI proved its research achievements and outstanding contributions towards its prescription and OTC drugs with its strength.

In the 10th Healthy China Awards of "Healthy China 2030 Brand Plan", the evaluation course is very complete and rigorous. Jinque System will comprehensively screen out the brands hoping to shortlist in the preliminary stage, and MAMIAI, without any negative impact, public opinion report or any quality notification concerning upon screening, successfully entered the research scope of Brand Construction Award of Healthy China Awards.

It's understood that in network-wide publicity, the zero consumer complaint of MAMIAI proved that it is a trustworthy brand in the mind of massive consumers.

After the multi-level tests of "Healthy China 2030 Brand Plan", MAMIAI succeeded in entering the re-evaluation and defense link of Healthy China Awards. After 10 min wonderful PPT explanation, 3 min questions and answers as well as on-site balloting by 5 judges, and the scrutiny and statistics by scrutinizing institution of KPMG under the principles of impartiality, justice and transparency, MAMIAI finished the re-evaluation and defense link.

MAMIAI has been focusing on safe medication and children's health issues, which has made its brand image gradually deep-rooted in the mind of massive crowds. With this principle, MAMIAI passed the re-evaluation and defense and won the Top 10 Annual Brand Construction Awards. This honor not only reflects the brand influence of MAMIAI in the field of children's intestinal health, but also fully affirms MAMIAI's contributions in children's health field. It's believed that MAMIAI will devote itself to making more contributions to Chinese children's health cause and opening up a chapter in the aspect.

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