MAMIAIWas Selected in the 2016 Most Internet Influential Drug Brand List


Since the "Internet +" strategic plan was put forward, the online pharmaceutical industry also rapidly sprang up, promoting "Internet + medicine" to be a popular field. On the whole, the pharmaceutical industry will inevitably step towards the path of taking advantage of Internet information technology and platform to carry out in-depth integration and generate strengths for pharmaceutical companies, and Internet influence will grow into an important index to measure the influence of drugs. Therefore, the 9th China Health Rankings initiated and sponsored by and jointly organized by Caixin Media,, Himalayan FM as well as Youku also specially set up the award of the "Most Internet Influential Drug Brand".

The shortlist was generated via Internet selection after jointly nominating 16 categories and a total of 320 drug brands based on the drug query frequency of "" of, including hematinic, pediatric drugs, rheumatoid arthritis drugs, gynecological drugs, cold drugs, etc. Through the public discussion and negative information screening by AdMaster, the data support organization, for the final appraisal result, the winning results of the "Most Internet Influential Drug Brand" were acquired.

Beijing Hanmi Pharm., an excellent children drug manufacturer, whose knock-out product MAMIAI has never lived up to expectations, stood out from various drug brands and awarded this honor. Guests covering leaders from over 70 domestic 3A hospitals, over 120 medical experts, 500 talents in pharmaceutical industry, founders of 10 well-known medical groups as well as more than 60 media jointly witnessed the publication of the list.

By virtue of exact treatment effect, good market performance as well as relatively high brand awareness and reputation, MAMIAI has been the children's drug brand trusted by many parents for a long term, consecutively dominated the front rank of antidiarrheic and pediatric drug lists, and rated as the "Trustworthy Brand of Pediatric Drugs in Chinese Pharmaceutical Market", "Listed Brand of Healthy China Drugs", "The Most Popular Pediatric Drug" and "Quality- and Credibility-assured Brand in Chinese Pediatric Drug Market", etc.

In recent years, Beijing Hanmi Pharm. Co., Ltd. has been successively rated as "Integrity Demonstration Unit in Chinese Pharmaceutical Market" and "Top 10 Most Powerful Star Enterprises in Chinese Pharmaceutical Market", and won the titles of Beijing "Promise-keeping Enterprise" and "High-tech Enterprise" as well as "Certification of Beijing Technology Enterprise Center". Each award and each honor are closely related to the efforts of the enterprise has made. The best and the most powerful proof of MAMIAI's efforts exactly lies in its survival in the market for two decades with continued growth in sales.

Every mom hopes to have a healthy baby, which fits well with MAMIAI's unswerving pursuit and dream. "MAMIAI", representing another mother's love, will guard children's growth with a mother's heart and grow happily together with the babies through insisting on the mission of providing the best care for babies.

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