LIFE OFMOM APP from OFMOM Won the ‘2020 Good Design Award’


The “2020 Good Design Award” has been presented to “LIFE OFMOM APP” from “OFMOM”, which provides products and services for the health of pregnant mothers and children.

The goal of the “Good Design Award” is to grant a government-certified GD (Good Design) mark to products and services with excellent designs through fair screening, and it has continued annually since 1985 under the Industrial Design Promotion Act, organized by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Ofmom researches the health and nutrition of pregnant mothers and children and provides them with related products and services. In particular, the company has accumulated a variety of experience and knowledge about pregnancy and parenting from the premium postnatal care centers, “Centre Ofmom”, located in Korea, China, and Italy. Collaborating with Gemelli Hospital of the AAT Catholic University in Italy and Peking Union Medical College Hospital in China, Ofmom has established international-level facilities and industrial networks.

LIFE OFMOM APP, which won the "2020 Good Design Award", allows users to obtain superlative care services at all stages from before pregnancy to parenting through mobile services at home.


LIFE OFMOM APP features three main functions. The first function is a “User-Customized Interface for Pregnancy and Parenting”, and it can be divided into three interfaces (Before/During/After Pregnancy) to provide a variety of services depending on user’s conditions. The second function is to provide services such as a “Breastfeeding Guide”, which offers guidance on breastfeeding in tune with the user’s conditions according to each week of pregnancy, along with a “Breastfeeding Alarm”, a ”Self-Diagnosis Test”, and a “Real-Time Report”. The last function pertains to “Diabetes and Obesity Management” and “1:1 Expert Counselling Services”. LIFE OFMOM APP separates diabetes (Type 1, Type2) for pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes (GDM) to provide daily recording services for various items, and therefore to help them independently manage their condition by providing statistical graphs periodically based on data input. Furthermore, through 1:1 expert counselling service, users can acquire information about food, gestational diabetes (GDM), obesity management, breastfeeding, and other knowledge related parenting.

OFMOM, A Mother’s Heartfelt Desire to Give Something Better to her Baby

Photo (from left): Centre OFMOM in Korea, China and Italy, Chef OFMOM

As a total care service brand for infants, Ofmom has been developing a variety of businesses ranging from the premium postnatal care center to liquid milk and infant products in Korea, China, and Italy. For a healthy future for mothers and babies, the company is maintaining close collaborations with hospitals and professional medical staff members specialized in infant care all around the world, developing and providing the best products and services for mothers and babies. In 2005, Ofmom launched liquid infant formulas, including the Ofmom series, taking its first step into the world. Furthermore, the premium postnatal care centers, “Centre Ofmom”, located in Seoul in Korea, Beijing in China, and Rome in Italy, go beyond simply providing postnatal care services for mothers and babies as it is being utilized and developed as a research center.

The Blueprint Envisioned by Ofmom to Promote the Health of Mothers and Babies

Photo (from left): Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Gemelli Hospital in Italy, Centre OFMOM in Italy

With more than 50 years of accumulating data and developing pharmaceutical technologies, Ofmom has continued its research and development for the health of mothers and babies in collaboration with the premium postnatal care centers in Korea, the Centre Ofmom, the prestigious medical institute in China, the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, as well as the Gemelli Hospital of AAT Catholic University in Italy. Over the past few years, Ofmom has accumulated its own global big data obtained during the personal checkups thanks to the integrated treatment system designed in collaboration with the cooperative institutions around the world. Also, Ofmom launched liquid infant formulas in partnership with an Italian company named Granarolo that specializes in dairy products. This is the only liquid milk in the world made through the technological convergence of medicine, the powdered formula of Ofmom, and the Italian Dairy Cooperative equipped with world-class technologies.

By actively utilizing its big data and thereby constructing its own artificial intelligence contents and core logic technologies, Ofmom plans to achieve its objective of promoting the health of mothers and babies, in addition to simply providing services to cure diseases.

The Only Formula in the World – In Harmony with the Famous Global Dairy Cooperative

Photo: OFMOM Infant Formula

With the motive of "Similar to Mother’s Breast Milk”, Ofmom provides safe and healthy nutrients, which are essential for the growth and development of babies, through using high-quality raw milk from Italy and the combination of Nutri-balance™, which is one-direct process and triple protective preventing nutrients from being destructed.

Breast milk is an important nutrient resource for children as it increases the newborn's immunity and keeps them nutrients-balanced. As a product that can be used at the same time as breastfeeding, Ofmom is gaining a great popularity among consumers around the world including Korea, U.S., China, and Italy.

Based on the global pharmaceutical and bio-networks combined with health science and food science, Ofmom has continued its investment to develop high-quality products and services for the health of mothers and infants. Therefore, it has now demonstrated its position as a global leading company in terms of products, services and designs by winning “Good Design Award” for its LIFE OFMOM APP. It is the outcome of its know-how and experience obtained from the big data as well as the first user-customized application in the world.