Create the milk powder for the world with the mothers' sincerity and love


Ofmom Company is entering the global milk power market

The market size of the current global milk powder is about 292.7 billion yuan. Taking into account the annual growth rate of about 6%, it is expected to reach 310.2 billion yuan in 2017. In terms of sales, China's milk powder market in the year 2015 reached 122.1 billion yuan, it is expected to reach 204.1 billion yuan in 2018. For this huge milk market, Ofmom Company reveals the grand blueprint and launches a challenge.

Ofmom's sprout -- 2008 • China

The principal of Ofmom Company said: "Creating the product with the mothers' sincerity and love" is our product brand philosophy."

"Mamiai" is the representative product of Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical (found in 1996) and also the core brand of Ofmom Company, which has been selected by the well-known Chinese media as the product that is worthy of trust. Currently in China's market of probiotics for infant, it continues to hold the first place in the world's sales in the field with annual sales of 480 million yuan. Chongyoon-Lim, the representative of Hanmi R&D Center founded Ofmom Company in China in 2008, involving infants, health, food and other fields.

The milk powder incident in 2008 causes consumers to distrust extremely the domestic milk powder. In order to improve the quality of milk powder and inhibit the imported brand, the Chinese government adopted a strict medical Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard for milk powder. After June 2013, the licenses of 50 out of 132 milk powder factories have been cancelled, and sub-contract product on milk powder within China, OEM and other domestic sales method have also been completely abolished. This act is aimed to cultivate milk powder industry, focusing on the base enterprise with safety in production. Actually, the enterprises with no production facilities cannot sell milk powder in China, and finished product import sales can only be commissioned sales through the enterprises holding domestic production lines.

At present, the countries whose enterprises have China's domestic production line are only the United States, Australia and South Korea and Chinese factory of Ofmom Company is among them. The factory is located in the clean area of Hebei Province, 1500 meters above sea level, which can produce up to 17,000 tons of milk powder each year. From 2015 onwards, it has developed new products with the world-class dairy company in France and Italy. The sale amount in last year is 6.43 million yuan, with an increase of more than 2 times this year from the same period of last year, reaching 140 million yuan. The company's achievements in China are remarkable.

Ofmom's achievements -- 2017 • Italy

On October 5, Chongyoon-Lim, a representative of Hanmi R&D Center, signed a joint research agreement with UniversitàCattolica del Sacro Cuore of Italy and Gemelli Hospital for ongoing public health care. The agreement aims to open educational programs related to the South Korea prenatal care and to set up a“Woman Centre” for postpartum recuperation. The next day he arrived in Bologna to visit Italy's largest dairy company Granarolo.

Founded in 1957, Granarolo is the world's most successful and most representative dairy joint-stock company, including 14 large regions and more than 1,000 farmers and herdsmen. Ofmom Company and Granarolo signed a contract on liquid milk cooperative research and development on September 24, 2015. The first result was the birth of "Ofmom liquid milk". In December 2017, Ofmom liquid milk will come into the market in South Korea; it will become widely available on markets in China and Italy in 2018; and it is planned to enter the US market in 2019. The layout of the global market from Asia shows its ambition that cannot be underestimated.

Ofmom's Dream -- Milk Road

Creative technology and premium quality raw materials are often complementary mutually. Ofmom liquid milk is created in the process of adhering to the goal of "R&D the top liquid milk the most similar to breast milk", and it is extremely harsh to choose milk source. They adopt High Quality Raw Milk of the Italian Alps pure area and produce in Granarolo, Italy, adding important nutrients needed for growth, minimizing unnecessary movement during processing and storage, while using "One Direct Process", with the process from milking to production packaging completed within 48 hours. Ofmom liquid milk processing time is the world's shortest similar products, which is in order to maintain the freshness of raw materials supply, and better play the effectiveness of the product and make efforts. The packaging is made of the safest, environmentally friendly paper box (Tetra Pak), which is a thoughtful care for avoiding the arguments on harmfulness of the PET packaging of competing products.

Ofmom Company - HanmiPharmaceutical - Granarolo are closely linked together to realize gradually the power of pharmaceutical - research and development - specialized dairy companies in China, South Korea and Italy through "Ofmom". The principal of Ofmom Company said: "Ofmom liquid milk, developed jointly by Italy, China, South Korea and listed successively in the three countries, connects Europe and Asia with mothers' love, which is the modern version of the Silk Road, and builds a new blueprint to describe 'Milk Road'."

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