Hanmi Sees the Potential of Digital Therapeutics Developer, Herings


Herings, a developer of digital therapeutics for cancer patients
CEO Nam Byung-ho expects Herings to be listed on KONEX as early as June

HDT-202, a prognosis management tool for stomach cancer patients (Photograph=Herings)

“We want to develop all kinds of digital therapeutics for cancer patients,” says Nam Byung-ho, CEO of Herings, a company developing digital therapeutics that are hailed as the future of healthcare. He explains, “I have built a network with oncologists and carried out cancer-related clinical studies, so I know how to improve the prognosis and quality of life for cancer patients by using digital therapeutics.”

Herings is a company specialized in developing digital therapeutics, referring to software-driven, evidence-based therapeutic interventions, such as mobile app and game, aimed at treating patients. In contrast to other developers, which mainly focus on psychological disorders such as depression and alcohol addiction and chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, Herings’ target disease is cancer.

The company was founded by Nam Byung-ho, who graduated from Seoul National University and obtained his doctorate in biostatistics at Boston University School of Public Health. He is known as one of the leading experts in clinical design and consultation in Korea, with extensive experience in designing and carrying out clinical trials related to surgery and treatment for cancer. He also took part in the clinical study that played a decisive role in establishing laparoscopic surgery as the standard method of treatment for rectal cancer in 2014. Nam has served as a professor and the Director of the Clinical Research Cooperation Center at the National Cancer Center of Korea.

The most promising digital therapeutics candidate at Herings is HDT-202, a prognosis management program for stomach cancer patients. CEO Nam explains, “It is an app that suggests a personalized diet to the user who has had gastrectomy due to stomach cancer, shows the user whether they have achieved the calorie target, and at the same time deliver the data to the medical staff to be reflected in their health care.” Stomach cancer, one of the more common gastrointestinal cancers, is treated by gastric resection if discovered early. However, nutrition, diet, management of side effects, and other factors that have an important impact on the course of the disease after surgery are entirely left to the patient.

Herings is currently conducting an exploratory trial (a clinical trial performed before the study carried out for approval) on HDT-202 with Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH). “The number of patients who have registered has reached half the target. Once we complete the registration process by the end of this month, we will be able to complete the clinical trial within 3 months. We’ll begin Phase 1 clinical trial for item approval around fall,” said CEO Nam. Herings is also developing its second pipeline (HDT-204). It is an app designed to collect data on the adverse effects of immuno-oncology drugs for patients with recurrent lung cancer as early as possible for management.

It was Lim Chong-yoon, CEO of Hanmi Science (008930), who saw Herings’ potential. Herings received a KRW 4 billion investment from Coree, an affiliate of Hanmi, this past February. Coree is a healthcare company founded by Hanmi Science CEO Lim. Herings is also a part of the Light-Speed Task Force (TF) organized for the purpose of developing a therapeutic agent for COVID-19, with Hanmi Science taking on a leading role.

Nam said, “I chose KONEX to be list Herings on the stock exchange as soon as possible so that it can quickly emerge as the world’s leading digital therapeutics company. We’ve almost completed the accounting review, and due diligence is currently being conducted. I expect that the IPO will take place in the middle of this year (June~July).” To be listed on KONEX and KOSDAQ, Herings concluded agreements with investment and securities firms in Korea.

HDT-202, a prognosis management tool for stomach cancer patients (Photograph=Herings)

Source: Edaily