Public Health: The “Mothers’ Road” Joins “Belt and Road”


[December 3, 2017, Beijing]Representatives and experts from Peking UnionMedicalCollege Hospital, Beijing Children's Hospital, PKU China Center for Health Development Studies, Embassy of the Republic of Korea,Coree-Ofmom (HK) and Beijing Hanmi Groupcame together at Centre Ofmom in Beijing to formalize an international research project on women’s welfare and children’s healthcare on 3 December, 2017.

For more than one decade,Coree-Ofmom (HK) and Beijing Hanmi Group have been workingseparately with some of the medical institutes on research concerning women’s welfare and children’s healthcare. With the rise in living standards, people are demanding more in this area. During this meeting, participants held an in-depth discussion on the current state of women’s welfare and children’s healthcare in China, South Korea and across the world. Identifying special issues and common challenges, they came to the conclusion that it was necessary for them to join forces tolaunch their initiative. This joint-effort will be spearheaded by Professor Ma Liangkun of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Professor Ma is an expert in the field with years of solid research, and has published his studies extensively. Meanwhile, Catholic universities in Italy, Gemelli University Hospital in Rome and Seoul National University will also be collaborating on the project. Result of the research will be published to further the cause of women’s and children’s health worldwide.

South Korean commercial attachéJOO YOUNG JOON,one of the participants in the meeting, said it meant a lot for the work on women’s welfare and children’s healthcare with China’s foremost medical institutes at the helm of the research,the result of which is expected to hit a high standard. “This marks an important civil diplomatic achievement and the South Korean government is fully behind it,”he said.

Born in Seoul, having spent long periods in China and US, founder of Coree-Ofmom and CEO of Hanmi Science Lim Sung-Ki,while being Korean,traces his ancestry back to HakkaChinese. He said,“My family name in Chinese is Lin, originating from Fujian Province in China 1,700 years ago. For a long time, China, Korea, Japan and many countries in Southeast Asia existed side by side in harmony without borders. We were like a big family; our foods were similar, and so were our lifestyles. Today, the joint-research project by medical professionals from China and South Korea offers a promise. It is a promise to ensure women and children in China, South Korea and around the world will have the chance to share a peaceful, happy future. The project is built upon a multilateral consensus. Our centers in Rome, Beijing, Seoul and Los Angeles will be using our Symbio™ symbiosis technology to take part in the effort. This special international project will take us forward, in the way our forefathers did along the “Silk Road”, the “Tea Road” and the “Milk Road”, to inaugurate a brand new “Mothers’ Road” from which maternal love and care can be spread throughout the world.”

At last, honorary president of Beijing Children’s Hospital Li Zhongzhi, who is also a former committee member of the pediatrics branch of Chinese Hospital Association and standing committeemember of the Chinese Association of Pediatrics Surgeons, said the Chinese medical sector was also opening up to the world through the “Belt And Road” initiative, and this joint-project would be a classic example, with benefits for women and children around the globe.

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