Hanmi Science and GeneOne Life Science Build Infrastructure for Mass Production of mRNA Vaccine


Conclusion of an agreement to build a global network
Research on developing next-generation mass production techniques by combining their technologies
Agreement to jointly commercialize a mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, etc.

Hanmi Science and GeneOne Life Science have agreed to build the necessary infrastructure for mass production of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines and a global business network. They will combine their respective technologies in search of an innovative mass production method and jointly commercialize an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

The two companies announced that they have entered into an agreement in regard to the aforementioned matters. GeneOne Life Science paid a visit to Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s Pyeongtaek Bio Plant to discuss a partnership, and a couple of days later, the CEOs of the two companies reached an agreement.

According to the contract that has been concluded, the two companies will optimize their core technologies to develop next-generation technology for mass production of mRNA vaccines. They will also build a global nucleic acid business network as partners to conduct joint research on and commercialize mRNA vaccines for new infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, in addition to developing related technologies and pioneering new markets.

GeneOne Life Science is currently developing DNA vaccines for COVID-19, MERS, and hepatitis C. It has an mRNA vaccine candidate for the original COVID-19 virus as well as its variations, as a pan-COVID-19 vaccine. It is also equipped with cGMP plant where its American subsidiary, VGXI, can manufacture stock solutions for plasmid DNA and mRNA vaccines, which are key materials for DNA vaccines and gene-based treatment agents.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical’s Pyeongtaek Bio Plant II is equipped with filling facilities for production of injection drug products as well as Korea’s largest microbial culture and purification facilities. It is currently developing a process to mass produce gene-based vaccines such as mRNA and DNA vaccines.

The partnership between Hanmi Science and GeneOne Life Science has been formed as part of the vaccine localization project in which some ten domestic companies are partaking in the form of a consortium. The two companies will discuss the possibility of producing the candidate ingredients set to be commercialized in other regions aside from Korea and the United States such as Europe.

A representative of Hanmi Science said, “We’ve decided to build a global network for mass production of mRNA vaccines and conduct research on next-generation production methods in order to quickly meet the global demand for mRNA vaccines.”

An official from GeneOne Life Science commented, “Through our collaboration, the foundation for R&D and production has been created for Korea to become self-reliant on mRNA vaccine production and play the role of a global vaccine hub.”

Source: Newsis