Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group and Lego Chem Bio Partner up to Jointly Develop ADC for Cancer Treatment


Joint R&D agreement based on Pentambody, an ADC platform, developed by Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical

Plans to combine an immuno-modulatory drug than a cytotoxic drug

Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group will be working together with Lego Chem Bio Science to develop an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) for targeted therapy for treating cancer.

Hanmi Pharm CEO Kwon Se-chang (second from left), Lego Chem Bioscience CEO Kim Yong-joo (third from right), and executives from both companies taking a photo after signing a joint R&D agreement

Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical, and Lego Chem Bioscience (“Lego Chem”) signed an agreement to conduct a joint research and development (R&D) project to develop a next-generation ADC by applying Pentambody, an ADC platform, developed by Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical.

Based on this agreement, Hanmi Pharm and Lego Chem will be using Beijing Hanmi Pharm’s double antibody material that combines with two different antigens and Lego Chem’s ADC linker-toxin platform in order to discover the next generation double antibody ADC candidate material. Once a suitable candidate material is found, Hanmi Pharm will pursue global commercialization as soon as possible.

ADC, which has recently emerged as a mainstream therapeutic agent in the anti-cancer drug market, is a drug where an antibody and the drug are connected by a linker to utilize the targeting ability of antibodies and the cytotoxicity of drugs. While the conventional ADC technology involved the use of a single type of antibodies, Hanmi Pharm and Logo Chem will be working together to develop a next-generation ADC that can be used in targeted therapy, while reducing side effects and increasing anti-cancer efficacy.

They will also be seeking to differentiate the ADC by combining an immuno-modulatory drug, rather than a cytotoxic drug.

Pentambody, a double antibody platform developed by Beijing Hanmi Pharm, is a next-generation antibody technology that allows a single antibody to simultaneously bind to two different targets. Because it is structurally similar to immunoglobulin G, it is known to demonstrate excellence in immunogenicity and stability, in addition to high production efficiency.

Beijing Hanmi Pharm is conducting research to develop a variety of new drugs, including immuno-oncology drugs that are currently being clinically tested, using Pentambody technology.

ADC using double antibodies increases cancer cell specificity and minimizes toxicity in normal cells by recognizing two different cancer-specific antigens present in the same cancer cell. It presents the advantage of being able to effectively treat carcinomas that have otherwise been difficult with single-antibody ADCs.

Hanmi Pharm and Lego Chem plans to kick off the study to identify a suitable candidate material immediately with the goal to carry out preclinical studies next year. They will proceed with joint clinical development of multiple candidate materials, while Hanmi Pharm will have the licensing option to exercise its independent global commercialization rights during the development process.

Kim Yong-joo, CEO of Lego Chem, said, “We will join forces with Hanmi Pharmaceutical, which has global new drug development capabilities, to leap to the forefront of the double antibody ADC field dominated by multinational pharmaceutical companies as quickly as possible.”

“We have recently confirmed the clinical safety and effectiveness of Pentambody, which is entering its maturation stage with the derivation of new innovative programs. Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical will broaden our exchanges and cooperation with companies pursuing research for innovative new drug development,” said Lim Hae-ryong, general manager from Beijing Hanmi Pharm.

Kwon Se-chang, CEO of Hanmi Pharmaceutical, said, “It brings me great joy that our companies, with the know-how and technology related to ADC and double antibody, which are in the spotlight in the anticancer drug market, will conduct joint research. In addition to being dedicated to the joint R&D project, Hanmi Pharm and Beijing Hanmi Pharm will also actively pursue market development for successful commercialization of the resulting technology for the global market.”

Source: Cheongnyeon-uisa