In order to ensure a fair and just enterprise, listed subsidiaries of Hanmi Pharm. set up Board of Supervisors


Hanmi Science, Hanmi Pharm. and JVM have set up their own Board of Supervisors

Listed subsidiaries of Hanmi Pharm. will establish Board of Supervisors in a unified manner. The Board of Supervisors is an internal committee supervising the business and finance of the company, and this move of Hanmi Pharm. is aimed at balancing the operating power of each company and making management more open and transparent.

Hanmi Pharm. said on the 11th: New Board of Supervisors would be set up in Hanmi Science, JVM and other holding companies and 2 subsidiaries. Previously, Hanmi Pharm., the parent company of the Group, had a Board of Supervisors.

The person in charge of Hanmi Pharm. said: "Hanmi Pharm., Hanmi Science and JVM had a total capital of less than KRW2 trillion at the end of last year. We shouldn't have set up new departments to increase expenses, however, after considering reasonable and transparent operations and fair and just decisions, we have finally decided to introduce Board of Supervisors."

Major domestic companies have always complied with the supervision of business regulatory bodies according to law. Although they are independent, they are not excluded from being affected by major shareholders or top management in the process of supervision, appointment and removal. Therefore, the effectiveness of the existing regulatory bodies has been controversial.

The person in charge of Hanmi Pharm. said: "To make all the systems of Hanmi Pharm., an international pharmaceutical company, more advanced, we use transparent supervision to make the enterprise more reliable. We will repay our customers for their trust in Hanmi Pharm. with the world's leading new drugs and transparent management."