Chairman Chongyoon-Lim: Time to Bring the Power of South Korea Biology into Play


The first thing I heard from Chongyoon-Lim, representative of Hanmi Science is "I've got too much to do lately", and this is also his feelings about being Chairman of Korean Biological Association. Although he put it another way, he was very clear about the future development goals.

In an interview on the 11th, Chongyoon-Lim stated his goals and aspirations as Chairman of Korean Biological Association.

In the interview, he mentioned: "South Korea's biological competitiveness has been highly evaluated overseas. The response of foreign countries to K (Korea)-biology has been more intense than we expected, and I am sure that 'K-Love' connecting biology will surpass cars, electronics and culture and will expand."

He found the source of competitiveness from talents, and Chongyoon-Lim said: "From the perspective of research results of the relevant biological societies, the quality and number of experts engaged in this area in South Korea are world-class, which are not inferior to overseas excellent research teams."

He believes that South Korea's existing achievements and technologies are unlimited resources. Taking our neighbor North Korea as an example, he said: "These resources are not just a way of making money, which should also help the national health of backward countries."

Chongyoon-Lim said that Korea Biological Association should popularize digital health care equipment such as infectious disease diagnosis, so that the equipment can play a role in the health of people in North Korea." In the interview, he always emphasized "public responsibility", believing that "philosophy and ethical consciousness" must be the necessary moral character of people engaged in biology. As a person engaged in biology, philosophy and ethics are required to achieve the true goodness, and technological competence based on philosophy will be very competitive due to continuous research and development based on love.

In addition, his fate with Jungseon-Seo, Chairman of the Biological Association, was also made public, and he first met Jungseon-Seo when he studied in America in the early 90s. At the time, he worked as an intern at the (MIT) Whitehead Institute in America, and Jungseon-Seo was his teacher. In reading genetic information with X-ray, Jungseon-Seo predicted the possibility of the commercial use of the current cutting-edge precision analysis.

Chongyoon-Lim said: "Jungseon-Seo is a pioneer of high-tech enterprises in South Korea and an authoritative person with the most records of genetic analysis in the world. Macrogen, led by Hanmi Pharm. and Jungseon-Seo, set up the world's first biological bank for women and children in ASEAN."

He also revealed the burden of becoming Chairman at an early age, saying that: "Most members of the Association are his teachers or predecessors. I want to inherit and develop their accumulated results, so I embark on the road to Chairman." He also emphasized: "Although I'm shouldered with heavy responsibility, I will do my best and play a role to quickly restore the competitiveness of the domestic biological industry."