Chongyoon Lim, new Chairman of Korean Biological Association, said he would strive to build genomic big data in Korean Peninsula and Asia.


"We will advance the construction of integrated genomic big data in Asia as well as in Korea.”

Chongyoon Lim, new Chairman of Korean Biological Association (47 years old, as in the picture) made the above statement on key topics during his term of office. On the 25th of last month, Chongyoon Lim, the eldest son of Sung-Ki Lim, the founder of Hanmi Pharm., took office as Chairman of the Korean Biological Association for a two-year term. At the same time, he is also the representative of Hanmi Science, a holding company of Hanmi Pharm.

Genomic big data are the basis of human drug response prediction and other biological industries. At present, only a few medical institutions in South Korea have been collecting data in their own way, and there has been no unified system to regulate and coordinate with these data.

Chairman Lim said " It may not be safe for each company to manage the data of human health and life due to security measures. The Association will take the lead in advancing the plan to build unified data in the Korean Peninsula and even in Asia. He believes that as long as members of the Association work together, this wish will come true."

Chairman Lim started to work in Hanmi Pharm. in 2000 after graduating from the biochemistry major in Boston University in America. He served as the representative of Hanmi Pharm. and Hanmi Holdings, and has been serving as the representative of Hanmi Science since 2012. He said: "Jungseon-Seo, Chairman of Biological Association, has been emphasizing that 'the Association needs the motivation of young people and practice, and I have accepted this proposal. I hope to make contributions to the development of the Association." The Korean Biological Association is composed of Chairman who has full responsibility for its operation and of Head of directors who make major decisions.

Chairman Lim has also suggested the introduction of the health care system from developed countries. He suggested that "It's worthwhile to introduce the designated European hospital system." He explained that "comprehensive management of patients' medical information is carried out in hospitals near their home. When a patient visits a hospital in other regions, the hospital can log in to the patient database (DB) to check the relevant information."

Chairman Lim said "The industry and the government are in close contact and in active exchange of views, which will soon bear fruit. A shared network of the industry, academic circle and the government will be built, and the relevant biological departments are also working closely together and coordinating with each other."

Chairman Lim is very confident about the future of the biological industry in South Korea. He stressed "K (Korea)-biology has not fully developed in a comprehensive way, and there are many non-listed biological enterprises with huge potential in South Korea. If professional investment banks and institutions provide opportunities and companies continue to open channels for having access to foreign information, the future of the biological industry will be unlimited."