Chongyoon-Lim, the CEO of Hanmi Science Creating "Dong-Ui-Bo-Gam" of Bio-Bank.


"The future of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group will lie in integrating life-care services through the customized health management system. This will be achieved by accumulating big data and sharing medical experiences based on Bio-Bank, just like Korean medical book Dong-Ui-Bo-Gam (registered in Memory of the World), which had integrated the East Asian medicine"

Chongyoon-Lim, the CEO of Hanmi Science (Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group Holding Company) said, the integration of biotechnology (BT) and information technology (IT) for tailored treatments of patients will be the blueprint of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group. To this end, Mr. Lim has developed Bio-Bank in China and Italy.

Bio-Bank is a human resource bank that collects and holds human derivatives (plasma, tissue, cells, and DNA, etc.). Through the accumulation of such data, it is feasible to implement customized precise medical treatments.

On the need for targeted treatment, Mr. Lim said in an interview on the 26th day: "Clinical trials of new drugs are implemented for safe and effective drugs, but there are risks. If it is a tailor-made treatment, it can effectively reduce the risk of clinical trials."

Now, the securities industry is watching closely for new drug approvals. But for the general public, it's not so important that rare disease drugs get the approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so the industry must take that into account in order to benefit everyone. This means that life care integration services based on personal information should be carried out rather than averaging therapy. It was named as "Omnibus Digital Health Care" (Omnicare).

Mr. Lim said: "The core of tailored treatment plan is to understand personal interest, health status, lifestyle and other information, so big data is the core of tailored treatment plan. Through the Bio-Bank, all data related to personal health are analyzed to create a cloud computing platform to share experience with medical institutions".

Mr. Lim likened Omnicare to "Dong-Ui-Bo-Gam" as he explained, "According to the preface of Dong-Ui-Bo-Gam, it is said that the King suggested rather than depending on Chinese medical books, we should collect the essence of various medical books in order to set the standard of treatment plan for doctors in Korea”. Like Dong-Ui-Bo-Gam, Omnicare will share the know-how of tailored prescriptions with medical institutions after the analysis and accumulation of big data, so that all maternity and vulnerable groups can also enjoy the customized services in high-end hospitals such as Beijing, China, and Rome, Italy."

The global Bio-Bank project has been launched, and clinical trials will begin in Rome in March. Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group has collected a large amount of data through Coree Group, an affiliated company. The Coree Group launched "Mother and Child and Beyond", a Bio-Bank with the Roman Catholic University and Gemelli hospital last year. The impact of Microbiome (endogenous microbial genetic information) on fetal growth and health in pregnant women and fetuses is currently being studied, and post-natal data for newborn health and disease prevention are being collected. The clinical treatment for women has already been carried out in Beijing, and it will soon begin in Rome next week.

Mr. Lim also said, "In China, five members of the medical team from the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Nutrition and Psychology have provided five days of Michelin-rated diet and psychological counseling services for 10 ordinary mothers. After that, there was no constipation and unstable blood sugar level, which may need medical attention. Starting in March, we will be providing five days of superfood in Rome to keep an eye on the changes. After the clinical trials in Rome, we will conduct clinical trials in South Korea and the United States."

Mr. Lim further found the entry point of the existing business of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group. He said: "Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group continues researching customized prescription or precise prescription clinical trials. Hanmi Healthcare works on IT, medical device and hospital information solution. Ofmom specializes in food for pregnant women and infants. CENTRE Ofmom targets for an integrated life-care center. Hanmi's businesses will work together in the form of an alliance focusing on mothers and children, and then expand into the promising market for the elderly.