COREE Group, an Affiliate of Hanmi Science, "Promotes FDA Approval of One-to-One Customized Health Platform".


COREE Group, an affiliate of Hanmi Science, will push its own platform, "life intervention", into the US market with the ability to improve living habits and predict diseases. Its goal is to obtain a license for the medical software (SaMD•Software as Medical Device) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is undeniable that it will take several years to apply for FDA license. Currently, COREE Group has reached close cooperation with local hospitals in China and Italy and is conducting clinical researches. In order to achieve more accurate and lasting development of related platforms, the artificial intelligence (AI) technology is also used.

On November 18, Sang-tae Park, the US legal representative of the COREE Group, gave an interview to news1 at the Sixth China Healthcare Summit in Shanghai, China, and unveiled the above plan.

Sang-tae Park, the US legal representative, disclosed: "life intervention" is a customized platform that provides a wide range of personal health, life, and treatment services, with plans to enter the US market.

Currently, COREE Group and Peking Union Medical College Hospital are cooperating on clinical researches. A follow-up study of local pregnant women with gestational diabetes of using the customized health management showed that some of their blood glucose levels were under control and that there was a positive reaction. In Italy, the Roman Catholic University and the Gemelli Hospital set up and operated the Biobank, "Mother and Child and Beyond".

Through exchanges and cooperation with these institutions, the COREE Group plans to expand the Biobank project, which accumulates a variety of human information. The Biobank is a human resource bank that collects, saves and sells information of human derivatives such as cells, tissues and DNA. If we can accumulate the information on a large scale, and master AI technology to extract core information, we can take a step forward in precision medicine.

COREE hopes that the US at the accumulated data and technology capabilities in China and Italy will be the cornerstone of its future forays into the US Market. The US legal representative also mentioned: "the Group is considering a plan to come up with a THERAPEUTICS Center in the western United States, which focuses on the future and accelerates technology development."

Meanwhile, the global market for intelligent health care, including Life Intervention, is growing dramatically every year. Statista, a market-research institute, predicts that the $60.8 billion global market for intelligent health care will grow to $233.3 billion by 2020.

Intelligent health care is a cross-industry chain involving health, medical, information, machines, platforms and so on, which provides a medical service combining of biotechnology (BT) and information technology (IT).