Ofmom Antenatal Training Concert Comes again Warmly to Play Pregnant Love Melody


Professional antenatal training music, advanced breeding idea, interesting antenatal training interaction…Ofmom • Love Intestinal Tract 2016 Antenatal Training Concert, sponsored by Ofmom, the special contribution of Chinese children intestinal health, was played in Beijing Jinmao Westin Hotel on Nov. 20. Numerous pregnant mothers and babies in the abdomen felt “mystic energy” of antenatal training music jointly through wonderful melody under the guiding of the professional music therapists of Ofmom Lady.

It is well known that antenatal training has a significant impact to the cognitive power development of babies in language, music and other aspects. Moreover, music becomes the standard configuration of antenatal training to many mothers-to-be because it can develop baby’s personalities. When you first hear baby’s heartbeat and when you first feel baby’s fetal movement, it represents that your exclusive “song of pregnant love” has played! However, what on earth does baby in the abdomen love to listen after “listening with respectful attention”? Bright music? Or quiet cradle song? While, how to listen to the antenatal training music became the question of many mothers-to-be.

Ofmom Love Intestinal Tract

For this, the professional music therapists of Ofmom Lady set listening and explanation part specially on the event day, who brought scientific professional musical antenatal training knowledge for pregnant mothers to help pregnant mothers walk out the dead zone of musical antenatal training. Moreover, they explained the influence of musical antenatal training to brain cell in simple terms to everyone through connection diagram of cranial nerve. The therapists told everyone that the key to select antenatal training music lied in “fitness”. The music that is often given to fetus to listen can select the music formed by lyric, melody, rhythm and other multi-element matched with own heart rate, so it has the most abundant stimulation to all senses of body to be able to motivate fetal emotion and reaction greatly.

The antenatal training tracks in the event are screened carefully and arranged scientifically by the professional music therapists of Ofmom Lady, which have selected film music and classic tracks, childlike symphonies and other songs with different music styles interspersed to play, sometimes slowly, sometimes melodiously, sometimes jumpily and sometimes quietly. There are only music and incredible background and lighting accompanied in the whole court to let pregnant mothers have a dreamlike musical tour to let mothers-to-be relax in body and mind.

In addition, it also blended into cozier emotional link – maternal-child link in this event. The pregnant mothers wrote down words and blessings to babies in the specially-made drift bottles to keep affectional moving moment in the pens and papers as well as the beautiful times. Moreover, Ofmom, the sponsor, prepared multiple exquisite gifts in order to bring love and benefits for each pregnant mother, including Ofmom series of milk powder, Ofmom active probiotics milk powder partner, gift through accumulation in WeChat Moments to get imported trolley, safety seat, child’s bicycle, etc. All in all, each minute is so wonderful during the one-and-a-half-hour event process.

Madam Xu Jinhua, Deputy Director of Food Strategic Business Unit of Ofmom, showed that: the care of this event to mothers and children exactly embodied the spirit of constant efforts of Ofmom brand for the healthy growth of infants. We always serve to pregnant mothers diligently and hope to turn pregnancy into a “happy pregnant tour” through scientific advocacy to let pregnant mothers enjoy the pregnant happiness fully in learning to breed healthy and clever babies.

In additional, it is reported that 2016 national public service tour lecture, planned by Ofmom, will be carried out in Changsha, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and other places in succession in the near future in order to acknowledge the favor of consumers to Ofmom brand, so mothers-to-be can know more details through official WeChat of Ofmom infant nutrition food and other channels.

Each gathering is only to give the most intimate experience for each pregnant mother, the warmest care for each baby to be born and the most sincere blessing to each family. We wish that Ofmom antenatal training concert would add luster to the pregnancy of mothers-to-be to welcome the arrival of little babies with the most beautiful mood!