Joint Marketing Campaign for Probiotic Supplement, SynterAct, and Postpartum Care Center, DeRAMA


◆…Photograph: SynterAct

A joint marketing campaign has been launched for SynterAct, a probiotic supplement consisting of 3P biotics developed for different age groups from babies to seniors, and DeRAMA.

Ofmom Korea, the company that launched SynterAct, and DeRAMA Global, an operator of postpartum cancer centers, have been releasing a variety of baby food products and supplies, functional health products, and other related products based on the data and knowhow of Hanmi Pharmaceutical, which has been developing various products in partnership with children’s hospitals and doctors around the world.

After launching Centre Ofmom Beijing in 2016, the two companies have expanded its global network, spreading Korea’s postpartum care practices in Bangkok, Los Angeles, and other locations around the world. The safe and effective health supplement products of Ofmom Korea and the outcomes of research and collaborations with domestic and overseas medical institutions have been incorporated into prenatal care and postpartum practices through DeRAMA Global’s network.

SynterAct is a premium probiotic product line for improving gut health with products targeting specific age groups and sexes, such as babies, seniors, and women.

Only the strains that have been proven effective through studies and patents are combined with prebiotics (dietary fiber), a source of food for gut microbiota, into a 3P biotics. The formula promotes proliferation of beneficial bacteria and minimizes side effects from excessive consumption of prebiotics, such as indigestion or abdominal distention.

In addition to the 3P biotics, which are pro-, pre- and post-biotics, the product contains essential nutrients for the target age group or sex so that it can promote general health, in addition to gut health.

A representative of Ofmom Korea said, “This is meaningful in that mothers and their babies can try out our products at DeRAMA, one of the best postpartum care centers in Korea providing total care services from prenatal care to postpartum examinations. [...] We plan on coming up with diverse collaborations beyond our strategic partnership and provide opportunities for consumers to experience the benefits of SynterAct, which is safe and of high quality.”

Source: Jose Ilbo