CancerRop Concludes Immune Cell Profiling Research Agreement to Build Big Data for Vaccine Development


CancerRop (Co-CEO Hwang Do-soon) announced that it had concluded a 3-billion-won immune cell profiling research agreement with Coree Company Limited for the purpose of building big data for vaccine development.

Park Sang-tae, CEO of Coree Company (US), explained that the company “entered into agreement with CancerRop in recognition of its excellent genomic analysis capabilities, prior experience in carrying out immune cell research in collaboration with Oxford Vacmedix, and outstanding technology. [...] This study will categorize the subjects into four cohorts: uninfected group, infected group, vaccinated group, and group with subjects who suffered side effects after being vaccinated. By profiling the immune cells of each group, we will build big data with the analytical results on more than 10,000 people over the course of three years from 2022.”

CancerRop will jointly conduct the immune cell profiling analysis in Korea and the UK with Oxford Vacmedix, a spinout from Oxford University that has the technology for providing personalized immunotherapy. It has four cancer vaccine pipelines, based on the patented technology concerning recombinant overlapping peptides (ROPs), which are said to trigger oncolytic virus genes. ROPs are injected into the body to promote cellular immunity. This is regarded as next-generation technology, as it has reduced side effects compared to the conventional oncolytic virotherapy, allows individually tailored immunotherapy, and offers a prophylactic vaccination effect.

Park Sang-jin (Ph.D.) at CancerRop said, “Immune cell profiling is a crucial process in vaccine development and individually tailored vaccination and treatment, and a number of related studies are being carried out in Korea and abroad. [...] By building big data using the results from our study, we will be able to determine the individual susceptibility of patients who have contracted new and variant infectious diseases in preparation for the post-pandemic era, and this will allow us to develop more effective vaccines with fewer side effects and use the big data in the research on individually tailored vaccination and treatment.”

CancerRop will check a wide range of analytical data on leukocytes (white blood cells), especially T cells. Based on the data from its partner, Myongji Hospital, including the data from its previous studies, the data it collected while treating COVID-19 patients, and the clinical data obtained while following up on individuals who were vaccinated at the hospital, it will be possible to analyze the genotype-phenotype correlation. The company expects that this will serve as a bridge toward research and development of individually tailored vaccines.

Meanwhile, CancerRop is reviewing the procedure to change its name to K-Hub Consortium to play a key role in a consortium led by Hanmi Science (CEO Lim Jong-yoon) to develop innovative vaccines.

Coree Company, founded by Lim Jong-yoon in 2009, has been investing in foreign technologies, particularly promising technologies in their early stages of development, such as Herings’ digital health platform, Peking Union Medical College Hospital’s gestational diabetes treatment technology, Gemelli University Hospital’s next-generation health technology, Sichuan University’s vaccine delivery technology, Bioapp’s plant-based green COVID-19 vaccine, and more.

Source: Money Today