Chong Yoon Lim, CEO of Hanmi Science, announces addition of eWorldwide Group to Hanmi Science Consortium and invites other groups to join


As G20 Explores Vaccine Equity, Hanmi Science Consortium Pushes Forward With Vaccine Equity Initiative.

In his recent opening address to the G20, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi highlighted vaccine inequity, emphasizing the fact that only 3% of eligible people living in the world's poorest nations had received any form of COVID-19 vaccine, versus more than 70% in high-income countries. Mr. Draghi stated, "These differences are morally unacceptable and undermine the global recovery." Mr. Lim, CEO of Hanmi Science, believes that improving vaccine equity and access requires solving the challenges presented by the manufacture and transport of mRNA materials—the materials essential for high-efficacy COVID-19 vaccines

As part of Hanmi Science's continuing effort and investment in this area, Mr. Lim announced that eWorldwide Group has joined Hanmi Science Consortium. It is Mr. Lim's hope that this global consortium will continue to grow in order to efficiently address vaccine equity in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Mr. Lim said, "We are delighted to welcome Dr. Salma Abbasi, Chairperson and CEO eWorldwide Group and her team to Hanmi Science Consortium. eWorldwide's decades of expertise working on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly prevention of avoidable deaths in emerging economies, provides much needed clarity and insight into how best to tackle vaccine equity and strengthen health systems. Their experience aligns perfectly with our commitment to the World Health Organization's plan to construct regional hubs to supply vaccines worldwide."

Dr. Abbasi, stated, "Hanmi Science is an incredible, well-resourced organization with the ability to do a lot of good for vaccine equity, and to create a pipeline of innovative vaccines that will build resilience against future pandemics. We need more leaders like Mr. Lim who not only has the vision but is also willing to take a public stand to better the lives of the billions of people living in emerging economies who have been neglected during this pandemic. Mr. Lim's actions fully support the recent open letter sent to the G20 by Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), urging the leaders of the world's largest economies to 'help stem the pandemic by expanding access to vaccines and other tools for the people and places where these are in shortest supply'. Furthermore, Dr Abbasi also added, "In June, the G7 pandemic preparedness partnership published the 100 days mission to respond to future pandemic threats. It explores a rapid 100-day process for DTV—diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. That plan can only succeed with the help of dedicated leadership like Mr. Lim, and by leveraging technological advancements and developing empathy and trust from countries like South Korea."

Mr. Lim concluded, "The G20 have now made a public commitment to global collaboration to ensure 70% of the world's population is vaccinated against COVID-19 by mid-2022. I invite other organizations to join the global Hanmi Science Consortium. We are ready, willing and able to help."

About Hanmi Science Co Ltd

Hanmi Science Co., Ltd., is a Korean-based holding company. Its subsidiaries manufacture and sell pharmaceutical products in Korea and internationally. It develops drugs in the areas of diabetes and anti-cancer. The company also offers drug substances, general medicines, health functional foods, and nutrition and health products and services. In addition, it operates an online pharmacy; and offers pharmaceutical management automation systems. Hanmi Science Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.

About eWorldwide Group

eWorldwide Group (eWWG), is an international social enterprise focused on developing knowledge, stimulating innovation and harnessing technology for a sustainable future through partnerships and trust. Founded in 2001, eWWG has delivered independent research, policy reforms, multi-sector stakeholder engagement, capacity building and innovative interventions that positively impact sustainable development goals (SDGs). Working with governments, development agencies, non-governmental organizations and CSOs for more than two decades enables them to operate in harmony with local cultural, social and environmental sensitivities to develop sustainable, holistic and scalable solutions. eWorldwide's clients include multiple UN agencies such as UNESCO, UNESCAP, UNIDO, UNDP, ITU and IEEE, governments across Africa and Asia, and multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Source: CISION