Hanmi Science Presents 6 Great Visions for Post COVID-19


Hanmi Science with the gene of 'Innovation' presented six great visions for the post COVID-19. Hanmi Science's 6 visions, abbreviated as 'Cydio Cigma', imply key words as 'Cyber Education','Digital Bio','Oral Bio','City Bio','Green Bio', and 'Marine Bio'. For the vision business, CEO Jong-Yoon Lim promised to raise outstanding employees’ annual salary by 100% regardless of the ranks.

“Where there is no innovation, there is no development! Those who shrink from challenges are branded as cowards ! The cyber education business, digital bio business, oral bio business, city bio business, green bio business, marine bio business, and Cydio Cigma are our goals and commitments for the post-COVID-19. ”

These are the 6 great visions of Hanmi Science unveiled at the 'Tee Time' executive meeting, which is also the tradition of Hanmi, on the 15th at 7:30 am. The road map of the post-pandemic era was presented.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group has always been recognized as an innovative company in Korean pharmaceutical bio industry. Through the equation "Hanmi = R&D", it has become a classic example of innovation in the pharmaceutical and biological industries, as well as a symbol of the company that represents the development of new drugs.

Now, the case of Hanmi's innovation and R&D has gone beyond the development of new drugs, and deviated from the framework of all existing industries, drawing a blueprint on a blank sheet of paper. With the mission of combating the post-COVID-19 era, Hanmi, as a leader of K-Bio, has formulated six visions with Hanmi's macroscopic future pharmaceutical, bio, and health and welfare solution strategies.

Hanmi Science's 6 great visions, abbreviated as 'Cydio Cigma', imply key words as 'Cyber Education','Digital Bio','Oral Bio','City Bio','Green Bio', and 'Marine Bio'. Each item for the six businesses is Cyber Education, Digital Bio, Oral Bio, City Bio, Green Bio, and Marine Bio.

On this day, CEO Jong-yoon Lim promised to change the existing HR resources system by offering 100% annual salary increases and job titles to those who deliver concrete performance related to those 6 great visions

Goal & Promise, is a personnel management system for actualizing management goals of Hanmi, and publicly proposed to discover talents inside the company that transcend positions to perform and participate in the 6 vision projects. Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group (hereinafter referred to as Hanmi) officially declared its macroscopic goals, changes and wills in order to cope with the post-COVID-19 era.

Launched “Cyber Industry-University Cooperation Academy” in cooperation with global leading bio-medical universities

Looking specifically at the six visions proposed this time, first of all, the framework of "Cyber Education" is the establishment of K-Bio and K-Med graduate schools, attracting more than 5,000 foreign experts.

Hanmi Science Group has been accumulating cooperation and joint research courses with overseas medical, bio-related universities and research institutes over the past few years. It was not a temporary solution, but rather it’s in line with the most important policy of R&D in Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group. Starting with a joint research agreement for public health in Korea-Italy with Catholic Medical School in Rome, Italy and the Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli in late 2017, CEO Jong-yoon Lim established a global research network based on joint research for low birth rates, neonatal health and postpartum care and other common problems between Korea and Italy.

Cooperating with Beijing Union Medical School, which participated as a consortium, he has expanded the concept to fit China, and is conducting research to suit the characteristics of Korea, China, and Italy by adding in-depth research on the need for advanced maternal and child health and the possibility to improve the efficiency of social health economy through pregnancy management in a country with 20 million newborn babies.

Hanmi defines Digital Bio

The following is about "Digital Bio", one of the 6 great visions. Hanmi Science is promoting the 4th medical industry revolution by combining information and communication technology and big data through continuous investment in research and development capabilities. Hanmi Science launches Pal-Dan Smart Plant equipped with a cutting-edge technology and unveils the next-generation innovative medical infrastructure system based on the know-how of Hanmi's electronic distribution network management system, unmanned prescription system, and hospital information system over the past 20 years.

Hanmi is not a base for electronics, portals, or online distribution, but is a specialized bio-medical group that has been conducting more than 500 drug developments and clinical trials of more than 30 new bio drugs over 50 years. Currently, various organizations, including the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the U.S. FDA, recognize the importance of participating in such innovative medical systems with verified professional companies. In addition to chronic disease and pregnancy health care, Hanmi is applying for a number of global patents for medical software to cure COVID-19 and is working with the National Institute of Health and Welfare to develop a system that will be applied to the site. Since it can be applied simultaneously in cooperation hospitals in China and Italy, it is expected that such efforts will lead to the positive results of the K quarantine.

Leading the Oral Bio new drug business

Most domestic new biologics are still injectables. However, Hanmi, which has developed more than 400 oral medicines, as a leader in the healthcare/medicine market in the post-COVID-19 era, has the world's best technology in oral treatment development. This is a completely differentiating strategy from existing major bio companies based on large biosimilar (biopharmaceutical generics) factories. In particular, among the factories owned by Hanmi, Pal-Dan Smart Factory is the world's best smart factory capable of producing 6 billion tablets annually and 90% unmanned processes. In addition, Oragsol, which applied the patent platform technology 'Orascovery', transferred technology to Atenex, a US biopharmaceutical company in 2011, recently announced cases of complete recovery from the most difficult groups of patients to treat at ASCO, as a result of the recent third-phase global clinical trial.

Seeing the post-COVID-19 era as a innovative breakthrough and opportunity, Hanmi unveiled a blueprint for the next generation of Orascovery. Currently, about 800 new COVID-19 related drugs are being developed around the world, but new drugs developed as oral or non-injection drugs are rarely found. It is also considered the most reckless attempt. But worth it. The biggest problem under the pandemic situation is the shortage of medical staff including nursing personnel, the lack of medical facilities, and the time from treatment development to commercialization. As an influential treatment for COVID-19 that can overcome these difficulties, we develop an oral (non-injection) vaccine containing the next-generation Orascovery technology. "We have already experienced countless failures and overcomes. In response to the challenge faced by human beings called Pandemic, Hanmi will start preclinical trials of "COVID MDT", the safest and most effective treatment by integrating accumulated technology and innovative treatment models. There is no more failure than fear of not challenging," he expressed with confidence.

Signed MOU 'City Bio' with Gyeongsangbuk-do, Pohang-si and Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority

Hanmi Science leads the creation of Smart Health care City. Hanmi Science and the Gyeongsangbuk-do, Pohang-si, and Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority signed an MOU for biomedical smart city with a business size of about 300 billion won including education, R&D and manufacturing facilities in Pohang Convergence Technology Industrial Zone on the 15th. Smart Eco City, which will be unfolded on a green area of 15,000 square meters, is a prototype city that manages life quality from birth to daily life through a pollution-free bio-environment for all cities and citizens with "administrative regional medical resource management" suitable for the post-COVID-19 era.

The computing center, which corresponds to the brain of this smart city, is a kind of cloud-based solution similar to a large ERP system designed to enable real-time continuous analysis of biological activity in the region, citizen health care, medical resource management, knowledge data base, world-class education, quality of life including food, exercise, culture, and medical institutionalization of all urban facilities in case of emergency. In addition, it is equipped with educational facilities capable of real-time linking to advanced overseas research institutes, so it is possible to respond to joint research by sharing bio-bank data in medical and medical situations of world-class medical staff if necessary. As a post-COVID-19 vision business called City Bio, it will be built as a 'Future City' that combines the 50-year know-how of the global Hanmi.

Green Bio, applying plant biotechnology, expanding global healthcare group

Hanmi Science signed a strategic business agreement with BioApp, a promising venture company in the field of plant biotechnology in Korea, and promised joint development and joint marketing of plant-based bio products, also known as "green vaccines," for domestic and international markets. In particular, the two companies announced that they will collaborate on the development and commercialization of green vaccines against various diseases including COVID-19, which is a recent issue.

In addition, the two companies agreed to establish a joint venture for the overseas sales of the world's first plant-based swine fever marker vaccine product that has been developed and commercialized by BioApps, and announced that they would select China as the first market and proceed with joint venture establishment and product registration in the near future. This model has received a great deal of attention from the industry because it is a collaboration between the outstanding technology of domestic bio companies and Hanmi Science's “Open Innovation” method, which has already pioneered overseas markets. The two companies are ultimately drawing a blueprint to challenge Human Madison based on plant biotechnology.

Hanmi Science signed a technology transfer contract with Duhu Liu, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, for a new drug candidate related to metabolic disease, and started developing a new green bio drug. In order to sign a vision business contract with China's top bio-biotechnology organization, CEO Jong-yoon Lim visited China more than three times to discuss marketability for related technologies and discuss development roadmaps with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Through this agreement, Hanmi Science and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences announced that they will jointly complete the preclinical studies necessary for clinical trials of new drug candidates, and to work closely with the Beijing Hanmi Research Institute in the clinical process. According to Hanmi Science officials, in addition to the candidate materials, it was emphasized that a review of the application of plant and biotechnology to blockbuster-class pipelines also began inside the company. Now, Hanmi Science has joined forces with researchers who has the best green bio technology in both Korea and China to realize the fifth vision of the post-COVID-19 era to "Revolutionize" the huge production and research costs of existing bio-new drugs development.

Marine Bio,Open a convergence Marine Bio Center in Pohang Penta City

Hanmi is looking for a future vision business in the 'Ocean', which is the original birthplace of living thins on the Earth, and a bio-bank of all living creatures that preserve the evolutionary process and covers 70% of the Earth's surface. In other words, Hanmi Science threw a vote in an unfamiliar area called Marine Bio. This is a vision project for understanding, protecting, preserving of marine bio resources,where 80% of the world's species are inhabited but commercial utilization is less than 1% and researching new drug development mechanisms and deriving lead materials. In 2004, the pain reliever Prialt, which was created using the toxicity of sea snails, was reported to have generated $27 million in sales in 2017, while the black beach sponges-based anti-cancer drug, developed in Japan and approved FDA in 2010, generated $3.6 billion worldwide in 2017.

With the marine bio industry expected to grow into a market worth about $8.05 billion by 2030, given the domestic situation focused on the aquatic food processing industry, Hanmi Science's Marine Bio Vision business is a roadmap to bring Korea back into the ocean power. In particular, Pohang is the best place to have the best conditions for the location of marine resources, with the long history of proving it, and the fourth generation of accelerators. Through marine bio research, it is possible to study the underlying biological mechanisms by studying genomic studies before and after evolution, understanding of the inter-microbial ecosystem of viruses, and the origin of human cell functions. Hanmi's Marine Bio Center is expected to be the Noah's Ark of the marine life system.

Source: Medical Newspaper