Ofmom Korea Signs Sponsorship Agreement for Atopy Patients


On November 18th, Ofmom Korea (CEO Lucas Yoo) announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Korea Atopy Association to donate SynterAct, a probiotic product.

The agreement signing ceremony was held at the former office building of the Korea Atopy Association located in Gangseo, Seoul in the presence of Ofmom Korea CEO Lucas Yoo as well as Lee Jun-hwan, the head of the Business Division. The agreement entails donating the product for a charity bazaar to help young patients with atopy as well as 1,000 children in public daycare centers and some 1,000 families with children suffering from atopy.

SynterAct, a probiotic product for children that contains iron, vitamin D, and zinc, is sold at around 1,500 pharmacies across the country and online malls.

Ofmom Korea, a company belonging to the Hanmi Group, offers total solutions for pregnancy, childbirth, and child growth and development, while supplying diverse products and services and conducting R&D using its global network.

Source: Data News