Ofmom “Growth Caring Tour” Walks into Luoyang Children Welfare Home


Luoyang Children Welfare Home welcomed Ofmom caring team on Jul. 1. It is reported that this growth caring tour event, sponsored by Ofmom, sends Ofmom milk powder and drugs with the value of about RMB 160,000 to children in the welfare home and does health free clinic for children with the expert team from Luoyang Dongfang Hospital, moreover, conducts communication with children through music interactive activities specially customized for children by Ofmom.

Perhaps we have comfortable and wealthy lives in the noisy cities, but it is hard for the children living in welfare homes to feel the warmth from family. They have no care and love from parents in the face of all kinds of life problems during the growth process. For the children in some welfare homes, even if normal walk such simple behavior is hard. “When we hear that there are almost 600 orphaned and disabled children in Luoyang Children Welfare Home and a large portion of them exist brain obstacles, we think we shall do something for the children in the welfare home.”Madam Xu Jinhua, Deputy Director of Food Strategic Business Unit of Ofmom, told the journalist like this.

Ofmom Love Intestinal Tract

It is known that Ofmom brand, established based on 43-year R&D foundation of Hanmi Group in the pharmaceutical field, devotes to provide international high-quality products for babies integrated with excellent resources of global maternal-child experts, such as Italy, Korea and China by virtue of the abundant maternal-child nutrition research experience. Its milk-based formula milk powder for infants is well received in mothers once came into the market. The milk powder donated for the children in welfare home can support baby’s intelligent development to promote baby’s athletic ability based on the intestinal health by adopting European pure milk source.

Although the material conditions and hardware facilities of welfare home have been quite perfect, the material assistance is still not enough in the face of majority of children with intelligent or physical obstacles. The children here yearn for more spiritual accompany and communication equally, so Ofmom designed music interactive programs meticulously for children specially according to the growth development characteristics of children at different ages to do communication and interaction with children so as to hope that it can transmit love and warmth through music on this growth caring tour event.

Children appear extraordinarily happy on the site.

The doctors invited to participate in this event also do physical examination for children actively on the expert free clinic site. It is known that the doctors for free clinic are pediatricians coming from Luoyang Dongfang Hospital, who accept the invitation for free clinic with pleasure once they hear that Ofmom sponsors this growth caring tour event to donate milk powder for the children in Luoyang Children Welfare Home. We believe that the children in the welfare home can feel more warmth under the help of so many doctor experts and social caring people.

This public service event that Ofmom “growth caring tour” walks into Luoyang Children Welfare Home ended soon in the children’s laughter. Children not only received milk powder and drugs donated by Ofmom, but also obtained thick care given by social big family. The life assistance and psychological comfort are equally important for the children in welfare homes. Ofmom insists on providing scientific food scheme for children that can be benefited all lifetime, while setting good benchmarking on the public service road.