Hanmi Pharm Honored with the Presidential Award at the Korea Brand Awards


“Successful brand building with high-quality first-in-class drugs based on R&D”

Hanmi Pharmaceutical announced that it had won the Presidential Award (Grand Prize) at the 23rd Korea Brand Awards hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) at Novotel Ambassador Gangnam in Seoul. Hanmi Pharma CEO Woo Jong-soo attended the awards ceremony as the company representative.

Hanmi Pharm CEO Woo Jong-su (left) poses for a photograph with Cho Dong-seong, Chairman of the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies after receiving the Presidential Award.

The Korea Brand Awards are the one and only brand-related government award in Korea. It is selectively presented to brands that have contributed to the improvement of industrial competitiveness and the economic development by adopting a creative brand management system. Hanmi Pharm was selected as the recipient of the Presidential Award this year in recognition of its excellent brand management powered by its products that used excellent technology.

Hanmi Pharm has been building a unique brand through its creativity and innovation based on the slogan devised by the late founder and chairman, Lim Sung-ki (“Make better medicine for precious lives, do our best to fulfill the hopes of all, and dedicate ourselves to personal growth and social service”).

In fact, Hanmi Pharm is highly regarded for pushing the Korean pharmaceutical and bio industry onto the global stage by building a unique and creative brand based on the Korean R&D strategy to move beyond generic drugs to develop new modified/combination drugs and first-in-class drugs.

The company developed Korea’s first salt-modified drug, Amodipin (for hypertension treatment) in 2004. In 2009, it became the first Korean pharmaceutical company ever to develop a new combination drug called Amosartan (for hypertension treatment) in 2009, thereby igniting the new growth drivers for the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

Around twenty of the new modified/combination drugs developed by Hanmi Pharm have become blockbuster products (annual sales of at least KRW 10 billion), and the company has nearly 300 prescription drug brands. The ratio of the sales of the drug products imported and distributed by Hanmi Pharm is low, while the medications developed by the company itself contributes to 91.9% of its total sales, as of 2020.

Brand and patent management is carried out by the Intellectual Property (IP) Team, the largest of its kind among the domestic pharmaceutical companies, and a differentiated brand is being built through various online platforms including HMP, a portal for pharmaceutical companies.

The company put together the Intellectual Property (IP) team, the largest of its kind among the domestic pharmaceutical companies, to carry out brand and patent management. In addition to this, it has established a brand differentiation via online platforms, including HMP, a portal for pharmaceutical companies.

“It brings us great pleasure that our dedication to relentlessly develop high-quality medicinal products based on R&D for healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers in the healthcare sector has led us to a point where we are recognized for our ‘excellent brand management,’” said Hanmi Pharm CEO Woo Jong-soo, who also added, “Going forward, Hanmi Pharmaceutical will do its best to contribute to the emergence of Korea as a pharmaceutical powerhouse through its solid brand management.”

Source: Cheongnyeon Uisa (Young Doctor)