Chongyoon-Lim, the representative of Hanmi Science, concluded and entered into the Agreement on Joint Research of Public Health with the Roman Catholic University in Italy


In October 5, this year, Chongyoon-Lim, the representative of Hanmi Science, signed and entered into the agreement on joint research on the public health between Korea and Italy with Roman Catholic University in Italy and Gemelli General Hospital (as shown in the figure). Its major contents include: the common social focus of Korea and Italy--the research and development (R&D) for the research topics, such as, low birthrate, newborn health, systematic prenatal and postnatal management.

It's worth noting that the professional discipline of nursing in the Catholic University set up the practice course of systematization of Korea's prenatal management system and increase of the research on women and babies health. Besides, the discipline also decided to found "Woman Centre" to start new educational curriculum. The agreement makes sense that Italian educational/medical institutions first accepted Korea's postpartum management culture and began to pay attention to the public postpartum nursing school which gradually became the domestic public welfare policy in Korea. The Catholic University has ever cultivated the first black minister Cecile Kyenge, which is a university with distinguished achievement in the field of medicine, politics and economics. Gemelli Hospital, as the attending hospital where Pope John Paul II was born, is well known by the world.

Jongyoong-Lim, the representative of Hanmi Science denoted that: "Declaration of the Rights of the Child formulated by the UN stipulated that: the puerperae and children before and after delivery have the right to receive adequate social protection and management. This agreement is the spiritual power for the UN, and the exploration for the efforts and fusion of eastern and western learning in public welfare." And in 2018, the representative Jongyoong-Lim will be ready to open the "Woman Centre" in Rome, Italy and Los Angeles, the US. In the meanwhile, the COREE S.r.l Enterprise managed by him in Italy to promote the improvement in infant products and dairy products has already been undertaking the R&D working with the cooperation with the Catholic University and Gemelli Hospital research teams since 2015.