Hanmi Science, Laying the Cornerstone for the Six Visions through Medical Science Center


Discuss the establishment of a medical science consortium with joint investment from industry, university and government.

The Cornerstone of substantializing Hanmi Science' Six Visions

Hanmi Science is drafting a “Medical Science Center” in Pohang, Gyeongbuk, with the goal of fulfilling the vision of being the world's top three medical players.

It is reported that Hanmi Science is currently discussing the establishment of a “Medical Science Center” that will help concretize the vision of the Hanmi Pharm.Co.,Ltd. in Pohang.

"We will hold a discussion with Pohang and POSTECH on the establishment of a medical science foundation in cooperation with hospitals with more than 100 beds and those with less than 1000 beds located in Pohang”, said an official from Hanmi Science.

This has shaped up the collaborative work between Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, POSTECH and Hanmi Science, which has continued since last year. At the same time, through the world's outstanding medical talents, it is planned to maximize the research and development potential in the health care field established in Pohang in the future.

In order to make Pohang a global healthcare cluster city like Basel in Switzerland, it is extremely important to attract excellent enterprises and R&D facilities and to train and distribute competitive research and clinicians.

In particular, the fact that it is a cornerstone for the concrete realization of the 6th vision “Cydio Cigma” recently announced by Hanmi Science CEO Chong-Yoon Lim, which also accelerates this move.

It is expected that Hanmi Science will first consider the construction of a “Medical Science Center” of joint investment methods of industry (Hanmi), university (POSTECH), and government (Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do).

The Medical Science Center uses the research and training courses of existing doctors in cooperation with existing local parliamentarians, hoping to minimize the increase in the number of doctors. It will not only improve the local medical environment, but also steadily foster world-competitive practical research doctors.

Hanmi Science is also planning to include the research-oriented hospital and medical science college campuses in Pohang Penta City in the future.

Relevant sources said: "In order to become one of the world's three major medical powers and centers for training research doctors, careful discussions are under way on whether to set up a new medical university in Pohang and a medical science consortium capable of upgrading various medical institutions such as affiliated hospitals." He also added that, "In addition to Pohang City, POSTECH and Kyungpook National University are also interested in this ambition.”

Source: Seoul Cable News