Dx&Vx Won the “300 Mil Export Tower” Award


Dx&Vx, a bio-healthcare company, was awarded the Export Tower award. The company anticipates to grow even further in export through its global network next year.

On the 5th, Dx&Vx said it won the 3 Million Dollar Export Tower in the Trade Day event held in COEX, Seoul.

The company have attributed the award down to two factors. This includes the growth in bio-healthcare sector as well as the microbiome-based healthcare products that have been its driving force when dealing with exports to China.

Back in August, Dx&Vx signed an MOU with Jointown Medical Devices Group on the development, supply and distribution of next-generation in vitro diagnostic medical devices. Jointown is known as the China’s largest medical device distributors with 150 wholesale and retail distribution centers across the country. Dx&Vx plans to develop in vitro diagnostic products, such as diagnostic kits for endemic diseases and animal diagnostic kits, and then begin supplying in earnest from next year.

Park Sang-tae, CEO of Dx&Vx, said “It is a pleasure that our export capabilities are acknowledged with such an award. […] It is anticipated to have synergies between domestic and overseas affiliates next year. Thus, we will further expand CSO export so that we can export our own brand products as well as products of partners to various countries.”

Source: Newsis