COREE Beijing Acknowledged for Outstanding Product Designs with the GDA and Good Design 2022


The German Design Award (GDA) and the Chigago Athenaeum Good® Design (Good Design) has announced the winners of the year. The German Design Award is a leading design competition in the state-of-the-art design industry, and the Chicago Athenaeum Good® Design is the oldest and most prestigious awards design awards program. Yijiayi B420 Probiotics and Sanita Denti Infant and Kid Toothpaste has been nominated for the awards, respectively.

Yijiayi B420 Probiotics has won the gold prize in the category of the Excellent Communication Design – Package at the 2023 German Design Award. The German Design Award, bestowed by the German Design Council, has great expertise and impact on the design industries around the world.

The German Design Award is composed of three disciplines, including the Excellent Product Design, Excellent Communication Design and Excellent Architecture. Winners are selected by way of overall concept, design quality, durability, functionality and operability, etc. The Excellent Communication Design is divided into the 19 sub-categories, and awards the Gold Prize, Silver Prize, and Special Mention Prize.

Among them, the Gold Prize is awarded to the finest and the most creative design project. With this award, Yijiayi B420 Probiotics has proved its superiority in design and quality.

Sanita Denti Infant and Kid Toothpaste, another entry of COREE Beijing, won the Good Design 2022. The Chigago Athenaeum Good® Design was founded in Chicago in 1950 by Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames. This year, a number of design companies, world-leading manufacturing companies and industrial graphic design companies from 55 countries signed up for the program. Amongst them, over 1,100 product designs and graphics from over 50 countries have been selected for their design excellence.

Coree Beijing said, “We have received such great awards in the world-renowned design awards for our design philosophies and driving force. We will continue to reach more customers with our creativity and brand philosophy in the global marketplace.”