Life Ofmom Builds a Healthy Maternal & Child Health Ecosystem


With the emergence and rapid development of digital healthcare services, every aspect of healthcare services, including daily healthcare, is transforming to be more digitized.

Breaking into the area of maternal and infant healthcare, COREE group has launched the Life Ofmom, a maternal and infant healthcare app. COREE has taken the lead in building a multi-faceted healthcare ecosystem by taking the maternal and infant healthcare standard to the next level.

Life Ofmom provides a systematized care function of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in response to the increased incidence of GDM. By embedding an integrated pregnancy care solution, it provides all-round pregnancy health care services, spanning the full cycle of pregnancy.

ntegrated blood sugar control feature

The blood sugar monitoring feature allows pregnant women and GDM patients to monitor their health condition at any time, thus effectively preventing any risks of GDM. Users can also bind blood glucose monitoring devices to Life Ofmom to automatically update their blood sugar levels to the app.

Furthermore, it provides pop-up notices with healthcare solutions if the data of weight, blood pressure and blood sugar level, provided by users deviate from the normal range. Pregnant women with GDM can change the app interface into GDM mode, and then all monitoring standards will be adjusted to GDM standard.

Users can also record health data, such as medications, calorie intake and consumption and exercise, and also bind these data with GDM data. It manifests weight, blood sugar level and blood pressure data in shift-curves, which provides health insights at a glance.

Provide informative content to pregnant women

In addition to the GDM management feature, Life Ofmom provides various pregnancy knowledge content covering from conception to delivery, conception estimator, one-on-one consultation, lactation record, lactation review, self-checks, etc.

It displays the chances of conception on the prenatal interface, and it will change to the fetus development when a user gets to the stage of pregnancy. Users can flick between fetal and maternal development on the main interface, and check sensory development in utero.

On the postnatal interface, it provides feeding record and review. The feeding record helps mothers keep track of baby feeding and regular-feeding. The feeding review helps mothers to understand each growth and development stages of their babies and provides solutions in an efficient and timely manner. Plus, it offers one-on-one consultation services on pregnancy and infant care, as well as care tips given by health professionals based on blood sugar levels and self-checks.

Life Ofmom provides various insights into causes and solutions of health issues related to pregnancy and infant care. This entails knowledge content about diabetes, intestinal health, breastfeeding, child psychology and pregnancy health and trending articles.

In terms of app interface design, it has leveraged combinations of sparseness and eye comfort colors to provide a better user experience. It has arranged feature tabs in a logical order, and provides intuitive tools for users by breaking down into each stage of pregnancy.

Back in 2020, the UX design won the Good Design Award organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.

The Life Ofmom app will continue to focus on digital healthcare and to expand its pregnancy and infant care services.