DxVx Records 331% Rise in 2022 Sales and Turns to Surpluses


DxVx managed to shift to operating surplus for the first time in seven years.

On the 9th, DxVx announced that last year's consolidated sales reached KRW 32.2 billion, a 331% increase from the previous year. Operating profit turned to surplus at 2.5 billion won. This is the first time in 7 years that DxVx recorded an operating surplus.

Analysts say that the achievement is attributed to the new leadership’s efforts to strengthen the organizational constitution. The bio-health care business, which has recently been launched to provide microbiome-based healthcare solutions, contributed to the sales growth.

Last year, DxVx finally completed an integrated business link that incorporates ‘research, development, clinical, production and distribution with the acquisition of Korea Biopharm, which is equipped with GMP production facilities. It has also expanded its genomic CRO business (genome-based clinical trials service) to the domestic and international B2B market by leveraging its core technology in molecular diagnosis.

Park Sang-tae, CEO of DxVx, said, “We plan to secure various pipelines to enhance our future value […] We will continue to enhance our business value through our research capabilities, commercialization, analysis & diagnosis services and microbiome technology.”

Source: Money Today