Coree Pohang Launches the How to Care App for Wound Care


Coree Pohang, a digital healthcare company, announced the launch of a digital health app that analyzes and cares for skin wounds in infants and children aged 0 to 7, on the 15th.

The How to Care app provides an assessment of each type of wound and care solutions harnessing an artificial intelligence analysis model based on skin wound data from infants and children.

The app breaks down the care process into four steps: clean the wound, disinfect the wound, apply ointment and cover the wound to minimize scarring and hasten recovery.

How to Care app also provides the Daily Care feature that manages and monitors wounds on a daily basis. Parents, especially, can manage the full healing process of their children’s injuries. Users can also get professional advice on wound care through the Professional Medical Consultation feature.

Yoo Geon-Sang, CEO of Coree Pohang, said “We would like to respond to parents’ concerns about wounds and bruises to which children are vulnerable. As a digital healthcare company, we will further contribute to everyone’s health by implementing more robust AI functions and all-round healthcare services.”

Meanwhile, on the 15th, Coree Pohang released the How to Care app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Coree Pohang plans to provide more user-friendly and professional features through usability tests targeting infants aged 0-7 and parents.

Source: Business Korea