Hanmi Science and Theragen Sign MOU for Joint Development of Genetic Analysis Method


Hanmi Science CEO Lim Chong Yoon (left) and Theragen Bio Huang Tae Soon took a photo after signing an MOU for joint development and research on genome-based infectious disease diagnosis at the headquarters of Hanmi Pharm in Seoul.

Hanmi Science announced on the 30th that it had signed an MOU with Theragen Bio for joint development and research cooperation with genome-based infectious disease diagnosis at the headquarters of Hanmi Pharm.

Terazen, a leading biological company in South Korea based on genetic analysis technology, studies the use of big data and new antigens(NeoAntigen) for new drug development and accurate diagnosis.

Hanmi Science and Theragen Bio are planning to expand the scope of application to the research field of precision diagnostic analysis for epidemic treatment in an innovative way by analyzing a variety of specific genetic factors of novel coronavirus pneumonia patients.

This genome analysis method will be used for next-generation precision analysis of the unreleased corona treatment "Hanmi COVID MDT Program". By finding out the source of infection, it can be used to accurately define the patient group and cure diagnosis method, thus being used in COVID-19 drug development. In addition, after the Food and Drug Safety Department evaluates the clinical effectiveness, it will be preserved as a big data for pandemic as a kind of health care tool for national disease management.

Hanmi Science defined the promising bio-venture bio-app and plant-based COVID-19 green vaccine project as a green bio new deal on June 16. In addition to the "Cydio Cigma" six visions (online education, digital biology, oral biology, urban biology, green biology and marine biology), the new generation of diagnosis based on big data and artificial intelligence will be another pipeline to be promoted as the commercialization plan of the new digital biology policy.

"After the diagnostic kit that led to the success of K quarantine, the precise diagnostic business, the future cash cow, will become another biomedical science industry for K-Bio, along with the development of new drugs," said Lim Chong Yoon, CEO of Hanmi Science.

Source: Financial News