DxVx’s affiliate, Oxford Vacmedix completed Phase 1a trial of novel cancer vaccine OVM-200


DXVX announces that its affiliated company Oxford Vacmedix (OVM) has completed Phase 1a trial of cancer vaccine and plans to proceed Phase 1b trial of OVM-200.

DxVx Co., Ltd. is the Korean Stock market (KOSDAQ) listed company and is the largest shareholder (42%) of OVM.

Oxford Vacmedix announced today the successful completion of a Phase 1 trial of OVM-200. OVM-200 is a cancer vaccine developed using OVM's novel recombinant overlapping peptide (ROP) platform.

It targets survivin, a protein overexpressed by cancer cells that allow unregulated growth, and stimulates an immune response. This trial is both the first time OVM-200 has been used in people and also the first time any ROP based vaccine has been tested in the clinic.

The Phase I trial of OVM-200 is focused on safety and on establishing an immune response in patients with three tumor types – non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. Patients have been treated at four sites in the UK; University College London Hospital (UCLH), the cancer hospital of the Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust (OUHFT), the Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester and the Sarah Cannon Research Institute in London. The Chief Investigator for the trial is Professor Martin Forster, based at UCLH. To date twelve patients have been treated at four dose levels in Phase 1a, the dose escalation part of the trial. A further 24 patients will be treated in Phase 1b.

A company official said, "We have a new advanced antigen platform technology which can utilize new cancer vaccine and apply to various anti-cancer areas. It will be able to provide more option to treat cancer for homo-hundred era."

Oxford Backmedics, the UK-based biopharma company is focusing on the development of vaccines to treat cancer, based on its own ROP (Recombinant Overlapping Peptides) technology.

The ROP technology is one of major achievements of the Laboratory led by Dr. Shisong Jiang, Department of Oncology, University of Oxford. Dr. Jiang’s Laboratory focuses on understanding mechanisms of antigen presentation to the immune system, which is used for biomarker discovery and the development of new vaccines, including therapeutics vaccines for cancer patients.

The future production after all clinical and commercial studies is being considered to proceed in KHUB facilitates in Pohang, Southeast city of South Korea. KHUB is a bio-medical industrial complex, designed and led by Chong-Yoon Lim, the largest shareholder of DxVx and president of Hanmi Pharm.Co., Ltd.