DxVx deliberates on transferring microbiome-based pipeline technologies


DxVx, a leading biotechnology company, has been rapidly advancing its position in the field of microbiomes since the resumption of trade. According to an official announcement on the 6th, DxVx is actively pursuing fundamental research and the development of new drugs with the aim of commercializing microbiome products. The company official stated, "We are planning to expand the applications of bacteria and microbiome into the health sector, not limited to special treatments or probiotics, in order to prevent future pandemics."

Furthermore, DxVx is dedicating efforts towards the development of vaccines and novel drugs that utilize beneficial bacteria to maintain a healthy commensal flora in the human body and protect against pathogens. Commensal flora refers to the normal microbes that reside in the human body without causing harm to human health.

DxVx is currently participating in clinical trials for diabetes and obesity treatment, led by Coree S.R.L. There are ongoing discussions about transferring two clinical pipelines that involve microbiome research to DxVx. The CEO of DxVx, Park Sang-tae, and the Head of Microbiome Research Center, Lee Su-won, have extensive experience in developing and nurturing global leading products in the field of microbiome from their previous work at Beijing Hanmi Pharm.

Additionally, Coree Group, the largest shareholder of DxVx led by Lim Chong-yoon, is establishing the 'KHUB Science Park' in Pohang, Kyungbuk Province in Korea. The KHUB Science Park aims to provide comprehensive infrastructure for research and development, clinical trials, and production in the bio industry, with plans to build a global medical cluster and foster bio human resources.

An official from DxVx stated, "Currently, the Korean bio industry is facing challenges due to decreasing investments and a lack of innovative technology and industry experts. We will continue to attract bio experts from within and outside the country, carefully selecting technologies with commercial potentials and making bold investments."

Recently, DxVx has recruited Executive Director Han Seong-joon to strengthen the company's technological capabilities in vaccines and new drug development. Han is an industry expert in infectious disease vaccines and new drug development, having previously worked at the Pasteur Institute, which produced the earliest vaccine. Han will be leading DxVx's vaccine and novel drugs business.

Oxford Vacmedix (OVM), of which DxVx is the largest shareholder with a 42% stake, has successfully completed a Phase 1a trial of OVM-200, a cancer vaccine, and plans to proceed with Phase 1b trial. The commercialization of the vaccine will be based on the clinical progress of OVM. The future production is being deliberated to proceed in KHUB facilities.

DxVx has also established its Chinese subsidiary in Beijing, with key figures who previously led the growth of Beijing Hanmi now at the helm of DxVx. Their previous experience and network are expected to contribute to penetrating the Chinese market. The company official stated, "The Chinese medical market is the second largest market in the world, and the management has business experience and know-how in the medical sector in China. Despite being our first year of establishment of the Chinese subsidiary, we are confident that this year's sales from the subsidiary will surpass that of the headquarters."

Meanwhile, Lim has recently demonstrated his commitment to responsible management by purchasing 145,500 stocks in the market, and has also decided to hold his stocks for three years after the trade resumption.