DxVx Plans to Release 12 Microbiome-Based Health Supplements Globally


On April 25th, DxVx announced its plan to release 12 different microbiome-based health supplements to the global market.

Developed in collaboration with the AAT Research Institute in Italy, these products will be manufactured in Italy and released in the United States, Europe, Korea and China in August of this year.

The microbiome-based products aims to improve daily health, such as immunity enhancement, cold supplements, intestinal health, digestive function improvement, anti-aging, detoxification and vision health. These products utilise the Synteractive Formula, a patent technology from the AAT Research Institute, and maximise the synergy between raw materials, while improving the stability of probiotics.

The AAT Research Institute, a professional microbiome research institute led by Dr. Lorenzo Morelli, spun off from the Catholic University of Piacenza.

DxVx productised some of the microbiome-based pharmaceuticals and health supplements that are possessed by the AAT Research institute.

An official from DxVx said, “These are functional products that are effectively blended with natural substances. […] We are planning to acquire the European food safety certification and then release in the US, Europe, Korea, and China market. In addition to the 12 products imported from Italy, we will also launch microbiome-based functional supplement in Korea.”

Meanwhile, DxVx recently begun its venture into the Chinese pharmaceutical market with the new antibiotics products. The company also plans to showcase various microbiome-based products, including new drugs and health supplements, through its diagnosis technology for the global market.