Avixgen: The R&D of High-quality Pipelines


- To disclose the R&D of the pipelines of ophthalmic diseases, such as xerophthalmia and macular degeneration, and allergic dermatitis

- To improve the value of new drug pipelines through successful clinical trials

Recently, DxVx decided to acquire about 63% of Avixgen shares, and disclosed the R&D of Avixgen’s pipelines. Avixgen, a professional company of new drug R&D, has high-quality pipelines of ophthalmic diseases, such as xerophthalmia and macular degeneration, and allergic dermatitis.

Avixgen is currently focusing on xerophthalmia, which is most likely to be commercialized. Phase I clinical trial has been completed in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Main Hospital of Seoul National University Hospital, SAMSUNG Medical Center, Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital, the Catholic University of Korea, et al., and Phase II clinical trial is planned to be conducted simultaneously in Korea and the United States. The long-term effective therapeutic drugs are being developed while a considerable part of the side effects of existing drugs or mechanisms are being reduced, with the strategy of drug reconstruction.

Therapeutic drugs for age-related macular degeneration are currently developed in injections and eye drops. In terms of inhibiting neovascularization and vascular endothelial growth factor receptor, the new drugs with higher efficacy and fewer side effects are expected to be developed through a mechanism different from the existing therapeutic drugs. Especially, for the eye drops for macular degeneration, in rabbits, the anti-neovascularization effect can be ensured when the dosage is 5-20 times less than that of the existing drugs, and the effect can be maintained after 28 days of administration, which the effect of the existing drugs has disappeared. For injection, Phase I clinical trial has been completed by Seoul National University Hospital (Main Hospital) and Seoul Boramae Hospital.

For allergic dermatitis therapeutic drug allergic dermatitis, new mechanisms improving inflammatory diseases are being developed through non-steroidal substances. It is expected to relieve the side effects such as pruritus, burning sensation, eczema herpeticum and dermatosis when using the existing therapeutic drugs. And Phase I clinical trial is planned to be restarted in the first half of next year by Asan Hospital, Sinchon SEVERANCE Hospital, H+ Yangdi Hospital, et al.

Avixgen’s relevant person indicated: "The company will rapidly carry out the R&D of pipeline through participating in the state policy project of new drug R&D and expanding cooperation with the parent company DxVx. And the technical evaluation is planned to be passed in 2024 and IPO is planned to be promoted in 2025.", and said: "The company will continue to ensure outstanding talents and successfully carry out clinical trials of Avixgen’s ophthalmic pipelines such as xerophthalmia and macular degeneration, which will further improve the value of pipelines."

In addition, the global market scale of therapeutic drug of macular degeneration reached about 15 trillion won last year and is expected to approach about 30 trillion won in 2030. And for the therapeutic drug of xerophthalmia and allergic dermatitis, the global market scale will reach 30 trillion won and 36 trillion won by 2030 from 15 trillion won and 18 trillion won last year respectively. (Source: Biospace, Market.US)