DxVx conducts the National Project of technology development of adult disease diagnosis sensors


- Joint collaboration with the Korea Institue of Electronics Technology, the Department of Urology at the College of Medicine, Hanyang University, and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Korea University.

- This initiative represents a convergence of semiconductor and biotechnology.

On June 1st, DxVx announced that the company had been selected to lead the National Project titled "K-Sensor Technology Development Driven by Korea." This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and managed by the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology. The primary objective of this project is to develop an optical sensor system that enables early diagnosis of adult diseases through the analysis of biomarkers found in urine.

To this end, DxVx undertakes the discovery of biomarkers in urine, including volatile organic compounds and glucose, which can be used for continuous monitoring and early detection of diseases like diabetes and prostate cancer. The ultimate goal is to create an in vitro Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) diagnostic device capable of measuring various biomarkers. This will be achieved by leveraging technologies such as MEMS (ultra-microelectromechanical system), optical technology, signal processing semiconductor technology, and artificial intelligence analysis.

The project will be executed with an estimated cost of 4.68 billion won, including a government subsidy of 3.7 billion won for three years. DxVx is expected to lead the project as the consortium's leader in joint collaboration with the Korea Electronics Technology Research Institute (KETI), the Department of Urology at Hanyang University College of Medicine, and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Korea University. Additionally, Coree Group will participate as a demand enterprise.

DxVx is expecting to accelerate its bio healthcare solution business using this project as a stepping stone. Upon completion of development, DxVx plans to launch the products in China through its Chinese subsidiary and in the global market using Coree Group's overseas network. It is anticipated that this project will drive sales growth and foster external growth in the in vitro diagnostic field.

An official from DxVx said, "By commencing with the development of a diagnostic system that combines biotechnology and semiconductors, we aim to further expand our development efforts to include additional modules leveraging AI and IoT technologies, data analysis algorithms, and early diagnosis capabilities." DxVx intends to address unmet needs in the field of bio-healthcare, diagnosis and treatment management, and to provide a comprehensive healthcare solution that utilizes microsystem semiconductors for the early diagnosis of various adult diseases.

The optical sensor system to be developed is expected to be utilized in a range of conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, and bladder cancer. Taking user experience into consideration, DxVx plans to showcase its products in the form of a non-invasive POCT equipment and cartridge.