DxVx propels technology transfer of two types of microbial strains


DxVx is set to secure patented technologies for two types of microbial strains within the first half of this year, with a strong focus on promoting their commercialization.

On the 1st, DxVx announced that it will acquire the patented technology for the microbial strains 'Bacillus coagulans' and ‘Lactobacillus plantarum’, which are registered by Coree Group in China.

According to DxVx, Bacillus coagulance demonstrates remarkable effectiveness in strengthening immune function and suppressing bacterial growth. On the other hand, Lactobacillus plantarum exhibits antimicrobial and antioxidative effects in the intestines, facilitating proliferation of beneficial bacteria while suppressing harmful bacteria growth. The strains were isolated from dairy products and white kimchi as part of a project led by Coree Group Microbiome Research Center. Following over five years of research and animal experiments, the strains have been proven to activate the immune system and possess outstanding antioxidant function.

Through this technology transfer, DxVx obtains the right to use the patented strain and ensures the ability to commercialize the technology. To target the Chinese health food market, estimated to be worth about 50 trillion won, DxVx will conduct the registration of health functional food, along with additional clinical trials and development in both China and Korea. Ultimately, it plans to expand its business area into the field of treatments utilizing these strains. In addition, DxVx intends to establish a mass production system for raw materials and products in China through Korea Biopharm and its Chinese subsidiary, thereby supplying to the Korean, Chinese and global markets.

An official from DxVx stated, "We plan to expand our product lineup to include bio-healthcare products and treatments that cater to the global market. […] Furthermore, we will diligently pursue the commercialization of numerous intellectual properties including strains and formulation technology owned by the Coree group."