DxVx Hosts R&D Workshop “Growing as a New Drug Development Company”


On the 19th, DxVx announced that the commencement of a comprehensive training program aimed at suggesting its position as a new drug developer and enhancing the capabilities of its staff in new drug development.

As part of this initiative, DxVx conducted an R&D workshop on the 14th, where Chairman Lim Chong-yoon, CEO Lee Yong-gu, President Kwon Kyu-chan, Advisor Kim Wan-ju, CEO Han Sung-jun of Avixgen were present. The workshop focused on key aspects of new drug development and formulated concrete plans to acquire technology.

During the workshop, each research introduced numerous ideas on new drugs development, sparking vigorous discussion and establishing a concrete strategy for development.

An official from DxVx explained, “We are committed to accelerating the research on candidate materials through restructuring our research team and establishing new clinical development team. We will continue to acquire competitive pipelines in the global market. […] This round of the R&D workshop marks a significant milestone in the process of transformation in our company.”

Furthermore, DxVx conducted a training program to enhance employee’s understanding of new drug development on the 15th. Over the next 14 weeks, President Kwon will deliver valuable insights ranging from fundamental knowledge of new drug development to FDA approvals and global approval process.

President Kwon stated “Our plan is to provide comprehensive training to all executive and employees, covering every dimension of new drugs development process, including discovery, development, clinical trial, approval, licensing, manufacturing & distribution, and business models. We also aim to foster a deep understanding of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. We will lay the foundation to position ourselves as a leading global new drug development company, by ‘implanting’ the concept of new drug development into every employee responsible for sales, marketing, management support and R&D”.