DxVx spurs efforts to commercialize maternal and infant health, advancing total healthcare solutions


DxVx, in collaboration with Coree Group, is committed to providing a total healthcare solution aimed at the commercialization of maternal and infant care. By spearheading various clinical trials clinical trials and drug approvals for pregnant women and newborns facing maternal health issues, including low birth rate, the company is pioneering to provide total healthcare solutions in Korea.

As a microbiome-based drug development company, DxVx has been expanding research projects in maternal and child health, working closely with affiliates including Coree Group and Avixgen.

Of paramount importance is DxVx’s focus on the microbiome business, spanning clinical trials for pregnant women and newborns to drug development.

To this end, DxVx is currently advancing clinical trials for maternal and infant health in partnership with Gemelli Hospital, famously known as “the pope’s hospital”, and Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

The collaboration involves collecting various clinical samples, including blood, saliva, urine, feces from diabetes and obesity patients. These samples are then analyzed for metagenomics (microbiome) and metabolomics (metabolite) by Coree Italy.

DxVx and Gemelli Hospital have set their focus on discovering and utilizing microbiome and metabolite data that could contribute to diagnosis and treatment of obesity and diabetes. Once the foundational research is complete, DxVx plans to embark on large-scale clinical trials for diabetes treatment and digital prevention.

A company official stated “The series of collaborations with Gemelli hospital aims to raise birth rates by developing products that promote prenatal, postnatal health and child health […] As current low birth rates becomes a pressing social issue, this holds substantial business potential. In this regard, both companies are emphasizing the significance of these collective efforts to elicit cooperation and support from the governments.”

Coree Group, on the other hand, is actively researching gestational diabetes in conjunction with Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

Given the vulnerability of pregnant women to diabetes, a significant number of those who experienced gestational diabetes mellitus (approximately 50-70%) are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes."

Consequently, they plan to collect and analyze clinical samples from pregnant women for the microbiome and metabolite research in an effort to broaden the understanding of GDM and to explore breakthrough in diagnosis and treatment development.

The completion of clinical trials at Gemelli hospital and Peking Union Medical College Hospital is projected to begin clinical trials of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, obesity and gestational diabetes.

Moreover, DxVx has a strategic initiative to expand into the digital therapeutic sector by securing multiple sources joining hands in partnership with Coree Group.

In parallel, DxVx remains committed to promoting the health of newborns.

AAT, an Italian microbiome research institute owned by Coree Italy, has made significant advancements in discovering two microbiome species capable of mitigating physiological problems that babies may encounter during the transition from breastfeeding to weaning.

DxVx plans to undergo technology transfer and conduct clinical tests in Gemelli hospital to ultimately secure approval for over-the-counter drug.

Especially, DxVx aims to transcend its research efforts in maternal and newborn health.

A company official added “We pursue to provide all-round care to mother and infant through research in various fields and development of drugs […] Not content with just products, we envision the provision of integrated maternal and infant healthcare solutions through K-Hub.”

Indeed, the establishment of the K-Hub Science Park has been designated as the forefront for providing a total solution for the maternal and infant healthcare.

Plans are underway to create an outpost for maternal and infant healthcare solution within the K-Hub Science Park in Pohang.

Once fully realized, it is expected to encompass a series of research initiatives on maternal and infant healthcare, with the results being applied in pharmaceutical products.

Source: Medipana News