Dx&Vx Azithromycin Antibiotic Product Wins Gold Prize for Package Design at London Design Awards


On the 19th, DxVx announced that its Dx&Vx azithromycin antibiotic product was awarded the gold prize in the category of package design at the London Design Awards hosted by the International Awards Association (IAA).

The Dx&Vx azithromycin antibiotic, being a pharmaceutical product, had limited scope for elaborate illustrations and designs due to the strict regulation regarding advertisement and images for pharmaceuticals. Despite this constraint, the company’s officials expressed their gratitude, stating, “We believe that package design is an integral part of quality control that every company should pursue. The achievement is a testament to our dedication in conveying information within the bounds of quality control and regulation.”

The IAA, established in 2016 and standing for Inspire, Advance, and Achieve, is joined by over 200 international juries from 112 countries. In the 2023 London Design Awards, over 1200 entries from more than 30 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, participated.

Notably, DxVx’s antibiotic package design was not the only winner in the package design category at the 2023 London Design Awards. Coree Group’s package designs, including Formulamate-Ofmom, Ofmom Infant Formula series, U-ZA skincare series, Sanita-Denti toothpaste, also received the gold prize in the package category.

An official from DxVx stated, “We interpret this as recognition of DxVx and Coree Group brands in the field of design, which showcases our competency in delivering quality products that can penetrate the global market, and appeal to consumers. As we believe package plays an integral role in the consumer decision-making process, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to excelling in this field.”

Meanwhile, DxVx has launched its antibiotic products through DxVx BJ, its Chinese subsidiary, into the Chinese antibiotic market, which is valued at approximately 37 trillion won annually. In addition, the company is expanding its product lines to encompass treatments for skin diseases and trench mouth, as well as supplements for arthritis and eye diseases. The company also has set ambition plans to expand its portfolio, which includes general medicines, best-in-class products, and new drugs.

Source: Asia Economy