DxVx Unveils Global Launch of "Formulamate–Ofmom": A Probiotic for Infant Health


On the 24th, DxVx announced the global launch of “Formulamate–Ofmom”, a baby probiotic products designed to bolster infant intestinal and immune health.

Formulamate-Ofmom represents a remarkable advancement in infant healthcare, offering a probiotics solution that blends with baby formula. Researched and developed by the DxVx Microbiome Research Center and manufactured by the Korea BioPharm, an affiliate company of DxVx, the products is set to be distributed both domestically and internationally. Notably, the product incorporates the SynterAct Technology, cultivated by the AAT Research Center in Italy under Coree Group, currently undergoing international patent application.

The upgraded Formulamte-Ofmom has been released simultaneously in the Korean and Chinese market this July. Beyond these markets, the product is poised to venture into the global market through online and offline channels, including platforms like Amazon, facilitated by Coree’s extensive global networks.

According to the company, Formulamate-ofmom is underpinned by three meticulously selected probiotic strains. Each strain has undergone rigorous clinical trials, verifying their safety and efficacy for infant consumption. This probiotics blend not only facilitates healthy bowel movements but also plays a pivotal role in immune regulation, immune system reinforcement, iron enhancement and brain health.

An official from DxVx said, “Formulamate-Ofmom can help babies with underdeveloped digestive system mitigate issues such as constipation and diarrhea often associated with formula feeing. Given the ongoing Covid-19, mothers are increasingly aware of the importance of nurturing immune health in their infants. Consequently, more mothers are expected to find this product helpfu when feeding baby formula. In Korea, with this baby formula supplement, we plan to initiate the Phase One with the resolute aim of capturing over 30% of the baby formula market.”

Source: The Korea Economic Daily